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In the face of growing persecution and oppression from the culture and the government, the church must be bold.

From Sean Feucht. Congress is in a lame-duck session, but that won’t stop Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s efforts to pass a gay marriage bill, the passage of which signals a coming attack on the church. Stand strong, Church! We must be ready to be BOLD in our faith. …

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The days where Christians shied away from politics outside the voting booth, hiding our light under a bushel, are over. What are the stakes? Nothing short of our right to worship God freely and obey His Word here in America. The culture wars are raging on every front, and many Christians are just now starting to wake up.

The Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage was met with jubilation from the left and skepticism from the right. We were promised that Christians would not be prosecuted or targeted, but countless lawsuits against Christian bakers, photographers, and more, told a different story: bend the knee or face the harsh consequences. The democrats’ new attempt to codify gay marriage into federal law awaits its fate. … This will assuredly unleash a new wave of attacks on Believers and Bible-preaching churches across America. We must fight back.

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When the Democrats say that new federal gay rights legislation will not target Christians, how could we ever believe them? The truth is that we cannot and will not. …

At a recent “Let Us Worship” event in Boulder, Colorado, LGTBQIA+ activists joined forces with Antifa to attack our peaceful Christian worship event…on PRIVATE church property! In the presence of thousands of peaceful Christian’s worshiping, and many children, they marched around the event with the most vulgar and sexually explicit signs while shouting and screaming profanities. …

The left wants to bury anyone who tries to stand up to their woke and sexualized agenda. Regardless of the outcome in Congress, our calling as Believers does not change. We must be stand firm on the truth of the Gospel and be BOLD in proclaiming that truth.

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(Excerpt from Sean Feucht. Photo Credit: Canva)

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