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MONCKS CORNER (LifeSiteNews) — A slate of pro-family school board candidates in South Carolina were sworn in last week and reportedly wasted no time putting radical racial and sexual content on the chopping block.

The new school board members were elected on November 8 to the board of the Berkeley County School District and sworn in last week. Six of the new members had earned the backing of conservative powerhouse Moms for Liberty, which has reportedly succeeded in putting nearly half of its endorsed candidates into leadership roles nationwide. 

Following the news of the conservative victories, Moms for Liberty, which boasts 240 chapters in 42 states with over 100,000 members, hailed the election results as a “GREAT Win” in a November 9 social media post.

“Congratulations Berkeley County, SC for flipping your school board with 6 seats so that now you have a school board that supports the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children!” the group wrote.

Within hours after the new board members were sworn in, they voted to eliminate divisive “critical race theory” curricula, launched a committee to oversee books and materials in order to slash sexually explicit content, and fired the district’s superintendent and lawyer, NBC News reported

“6 new board members clean house first night on the job,” Moms for Liberty said Wednesday.

The board has faced backlash from opponents for its swift decisions, with critics arguing the moves to cut ideological and sexually explicit materials for children amount to book-banning.

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News of the Berkeley County School District’s conservative takeover comes as school board members promoting family values seized victory in myriad school districts nationwide in the 2022 midterm elections. 

Conservative school board candidates reportedly “flipped at least nine school boards in at least six states,” according to the Daily Wire, with Moms for Liberty saying it helped give seven or more school boards rack up conservative majorities across the country. States that reportedly saw conservative takeovers were Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

In South Carolina alone, Moms for Liberty said in addition to the six who scored victories in Berkeley County, five of its endorsed candidates won in Charleston County and another four won in York County.

Moms for Liberty is not the only group working to get candidates elected to school boards who will fight radical ideology and promote authentic education. The group is joined by The 1776 Project Pac, which has helped turn more than 100 school boards conservative since last year alone.

And endorsements have not just been limited to grassroots organizations.

In Florida, popular Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis (who soared to re-election victory by an historic 19-point margin), gave his official backing a total of 30 school board candidates during the broader election cycle, 25 of whom ultimately triumphed in their elections, LifeSiteNews previously reported.

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Victorious Florida school board candidate Cindy Spray told Fox News that DeSantis’ support was the key factor in putting her campaign “over the edge.”

“His view of how we need to stay back to the basics of education aligned with what I had viewed,” Spray said, adding that the public school system should “get back to the basics” and affirm “parental rights.”

Parents nationwide have participated in a surge of grassroots involvement in school boards to protect their children from being exposed to radically left-wing ideological positions on issues like sexuality and race.

Earlier this month, Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice told The Daily Caller the Election Day victories were about a shift back toward promoting practical education, rather than sociopolitical ideology.

“You’re gonna have school board members that are going to really work to prioritize, in their districts a focus on student academic achievement,” Justice said. 

“Helping kids to learn to read. Enough of the alphabet soup nonsense of social emotional learning, diversity, equity and inclusion and Critical Race Theory,” she added. “We’re hopeful the school board candidates are gonna go within and they’re gonna really change the way that the system is working.”

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