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(LifeSiteNews) – “You represent the problem: journalists who think they are the only source of legitimate information. That’s the big lie.”

That is what Elon Musk wrote on Twitter the other day and it perfectly encapsulates the attitude of mainstream media journalists, who consider themselves the arbiters of truth.

Musk’s original Tweet said that “Twitter needs to become by far the most accurate source of information about the world. That’s our mission,” to which Kyle Grantham replied, “And to do this, I’ll let anyone to gives [sic] me money appear to be a legitimate source of news, rather than just ensuring all legitimate sources of news are confirmed to be who they say they are.”

Grantham referred to the new policy of Twitter called “Twitter Blue,” which allows users to pay $8 a month to be “verified” and have a blue checkmark next to their name. Whether you like Musk’s new policy is irrelevant; the point that he makes in his reply is valid and extremely important.

Musk seems to be among a growing number of people that are fed up with the lies and obvious partisanship of the mainstream media. These journalists think that they own the truth because they write for outlets with big names and brands like the New York Times or the Washington Post.

According to them, whether or not something is truthful or trustworthy depends more on who is saying it rather than what is being said.

An argument that I heard when I was discussing COVID policies went something like this: “I have not read these studies that you cite, but I trust the ‘quality’ media outlets would tell me this information if it were so relevant. I’d rather trust them than what some guy on the internet says.”

What if the “guy on the internet” is a credentialed doctor like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Robert Malone, or Professor John Ioannidis who presents logical arguments against draconian COVID measures or the COVID jabs and backs it up with data derived from government databases?

Even if this “guy on the internet” did not have any credentials, he could still make sound arguments that debunk the often-nonsensical government policies that were allegedly based on “the science.” Again, truth is not determined by who says it, but by what is being said.

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Free Enoch Burke, the teacher jailed after not using teen’s “they” pronoun
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Irish teacher Enoch Burke has been arrested and jailed after refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred pronoun, “they”, in the classroom.

This insane step by Irish authorities must be called out for what it is: the unhinged intimidation of an educator by demented ideologues.

Please add your name to our urgent message to the High Court today.

SIGN: Enoch Burke must be freed immediately as an educator who upheld the truth

Burke was suspended by his school for refusing to use the transgender pronouns of a student, even confronting his principal about the irrationality of the situation, and defying a subsequent court injunction barring him from performing his teaching duties.

He is now in Mountjoy Prison, Dublin after being brought before a judge on 5 September who found Burke to be in contempt of the injunction by attending work after his suspension.

Burke, who told the High Court “I am here today because I would not call a boy a girl”, made clear that he would not abide by the injunction because it would violate his conscience as a Christian.

“Were I to obey the order of the board of management and the order of the court, I would have to accept that sticking by my belief in male and female is wrong,” he said. “It is not something I will do. It is in violation of my conscience.”

“Were I to go into the school and bow to something I know to be manifestly wrong, it would be a shame and a disgrace on my part,” he added.

This defiant attitude has now prompted Burke’s arrest and imprisonment in an Orwellian debacle that should send warning signals to the watching world.

Mr. Justice Burke ordered Burke be “committed to Mountjoy Prison and remain therein until he purges his contempt or until further order of this court.”

Defending himself, Burke replied: “I cannot purge my contempt by holding my Christian beliefs in contempt.”

Burke hugged his father and brother before being taken away by Gardaí to Mountjoy Prison.

Please share this petition with as many people as possible – it’s clear that leftists will not tolerate dissent on this absurd issue unless we all push back.

SIGN: Enoch Burke must be freed immediately as an educator who upheld the truth

Thank you.


Irish teacher jailed after refusing to use transgender pronouns – LifeSiteNews

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But mainstream media outlets and woke social media companies would not only have conservatives and other dissenters not be “verified” but banned entirely, like so many critics of COVID measures were.

Another issue with many mainstream media outlets is that they do not present themselves as left-wing (or rather Marxist), even though they clearly are. Sometimes these journalists may not even realize how biased they are. They have bought the lie that they work for “objective” and “unbiased” news outlets.

There is no such thing, of course. Every person and every organization has some sort of bias.

The last two and half years have shown that the media lied and that they have omitted a lot of important information. They were completely aligned with the COVID tyrants all around the West. They are, for the most part, pro-abortion, anti-traditional family, and anti-Christian.

There is always bias in news organizations. There are editorial decisions that are made, for instance, about what phrasing and words to use or not to use, what stories to report on and not to report on, which details are provided in the report, etc.

The biggest problem is not necessarily that mainstream outlets and journalists are biased, but that they pretend that they are not and see themselves as the arbiters of truth.

We at LifeSiteNews do not hide our bias. We provide highly professional and accurate news coverage, but we do not pretend that we don’t have a position on important issues. In fact, we state it openly on our “About” page: emphasizes the great importance to society of traditional Judeo-Christian moral principles and especially Natural Law but is also respectful of all authentic religions and cultures that esteem life, family and universal norms of morality.’s writers and its founders and founding organization, have come to understand that respect for life and family are endangered by an international conflict. That conflict is between radically opposing views of the worth and dignity of every human life and of natural family life, freedom, faith, and community. It has been driven especially by global de-population secularists attempting to eliminate Christian morality and natural law principles which are seen as the primary obstacles to [the] implementation of their new world order.

If everyone stated their beliefs and world view as openly as we do, people could form their own opinion with that information in mind and we could actually have productive discussions.

One can be cautiously optimistic that Twitter will now adhere more to the principles of free speech, as Musk promised – so that the truth, even if it is controversial, has a chance to emerge victorious rather than be censored.

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