Why has the Church Not Spoken Out?

Whether we believe in God or not, let’s not be afraid of what’s coming. We probably deserve it; in fact we most likely deserve worse. But rather let’s peacefully resist for what is clearly right, good and beautiful because the Human spirit has been victorious ever since our Lord, God and Savior became man and took a human form, soul and spirit and overcame every evil! Let’s choose the New Heavens and New Earth not the New Normal or the New World Mordor. 

Since my first article for Brownstone Institute a few months ago, many people have asked me and written to me, “Why has the Church not spoken out about the vaccines, the lockdowns, and the censorship connected to the coronavirus?”

I, of course, have no definitive answer, but I do have spiritual fathers, experience and research to present an informed and prayerful opinion.

Firstly, I must humbly ask for forgiveness for my own sins and for those of the many Patriarchs, Metropolitans and Clergy who encouraged people to follow policy, obey the rules and take injections. These were in the majority position. There is no other reason that this took place than sin and deception. There was a lack of spiritual and moral discernment en masse. There was a lack of guarding our hearts from the spirits of this age.

But in their defense, unlike when Condoleezza Rice and George Bush Jr. said that no one could have ever imagined someone would use an airplane as a weapon, this pandemic, biological war, ponzi-scheme or democide – whatever it is – was so diabolical in its origins nearly all were deceived from the start.

This includes politicians, doctors, epidemiologists, the FDA, CDC, NIH, Germany, England, Russia, France, nearly all hospitals – essentially the entire world save about 30% of people who still reserved for themselves the right to think independently.

In this more recent attack, truly, who would have ever dreamed that the very medical establishment we all depended on and trusted in for caring for us, for healing us would be transformed at the “speed of science” into one of the most efficient means of subjecting entire nations under a medical dictatorship and subjugating the global population through medicine? Honestly, who had ever thought this could happen?

Nevertheless, there were a tremendous amount (and here I will only speak for the Orthodox Church since it is the one I know so affectionately and intimately) of Metropolitans, Bishops and Clergy that were very outspoken. But did you ever hear about them in the mainstream media? The censorship by this New World Mordor started quite some time before the plague and was only heightened in 2019 and 2020.

To give you some concrete examples, I am very proud of our Romanian Patriarch Daniel who subtly, but precisely presented the Romanian Orthodox Church’s position in a manner that only one who had lived through the brutal regime of communism could have envisioned. He skated through political assassination (or perhaps even real assassination – look at Haiti’s Jovenel Moise, Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza or Tanzania’s John Magufuli) and religious strife while clearly articulating for those with discernment the real key issues.

Would I have been more trenchant? Yes, I would have preferred a more dynamic response, but Patriarch Daniel had to help those who believed the lies and those that didn’t. He had to be a real father for 20 million people.

Here is what he stated through his spokesman; I’ll condense the first part then go to a direct quote:

The Orthodox Church believes in the medical technology of vaccines stipulating that vaccinations are a right not an obligation and that the medical establishment/government needs to follow these following ethical guidelines:

“consimţământul informat al persoanei, descrierea clară a beneficiilor şi a riscurilor, asumarea responsabilității concrete în cazul în care vaccinarea produce efecte adverse asupra sănătății persoanei vaccinate.”

“The informed consent of the person, a clear description of the benefits and risks, and [the medical/government institutions] assume concrete responsibility in case vaccination produces adverse effects in the vaccinated person [author’s translation].”

The question, “Why hasn’t the Church spoken out against what’s happening?” is in reality a loaded question. I’m not saying it was intentionally loaded, but there is an implicit presupposition in that question. The implicit presupposition is that they haven’t been speaking out. The Church has been speaking out, but for the most part it has been censored.

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