You Are Always Enough and More Than I Hoped For

The message of grace is essential for children who struggle with perfectionist expectations, either from themselves, parents, or their social environment. This book depicts diverse characters who might face the fear of making mistakes or not measuring up. It encourages children to become grounded in their God-given self-worth. “When life gets wild and messy, … just know that no one’s perfect. … What matters most is being kind, sincere, and brave and true.”

This book understands the complexity of a child’s world. There can be worries, mistakes, moments of not fitting in, and self-doubt. How does God’s truth shine into these moments? The author explains that the way to truth is the way in. “There may be rooms you walk into you’re sure you don’t fit in. But you can stand up proud and tall. Be happy in your skin. … Just focus deep inside your heart and gather all your strength.”

When children face moments of emotional challenge, they can look inward and find God’s love: “For God above made no mistakes when he was making you. He made you tender, tough and bold, fantastic through and through.” It is comforting to know that God made us “so wonderfully complex.” This important lens will help a child develop self-compassion and self-love (Thomas Nelson).

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