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Over the years, I have often believed I was being called into “full-time ministry.” I remember walking around a breathtaking church campus in California in 2015 after my job interview there. I wept because I was overwhelmed by the wonderful weight of living out my faith in a vocational capacity. It was my first step of obedience in believing God could use me in ministry in spite of my flaws, failures and fears.

I didn’t get the job.

It was the first time I had ever interviewed for a position and not received an offer. My heart was crushed and confused … had I not heard the Lord correctly? It had taken a lot of courage to step forward in faith, only to be turned away.

Confident of the Calling

Fast-forward seven years and I am more confident than ever that the Lord was — and is — calling me into “full-time ministry.”

And He is calling you, too.

This sacred calling is not reserved exclusively for those with an accompanying job title. Ministry is not synonymous with being on the payroll of a church or a Christian nonprofit. Ministers of the gospel are not always authors, speakers, podcast hosts, or “influencers.”

A Life Worthy of the Holy Calling

The wonderful, weighty calling into full-time ministry is the one every single follower of Christ receives: We love because He loves and we live to make Him known!

Every hour, every day, we seek to live a life worthy of the holy calling we have received. In both the seen and unseen moments (the ones only you and the Good Lord will ever know about) we long to walk in faithfulness, joy and gratitude.

I want to pray and prepare to minister to my own children as diligently and lovingly as a pastor would pray and prepare to minister from a pulpit.

As clichéd as it may sound, I am truly beginning to realize that each day on earth is indeed the opportunity to be in “full-time ministry.”

I was not hired by the church, but I did get the job.

Thank you, JESUS.

Marissa is perpetually passionate about pointing hearts to the regenerating, restoring, and revolutionary love of God found in Jesus Christ! With a knack for identifying and encouraging the God-given gifts and strengths in others, Marissa longs to use her voice to speak life into every story and situation. Connect with Marissa at

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