Baal Worship Sees Priest Desecrate His Own Church


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The spirit of Jezebel is strong in American culture today. Church leaders are continually being influenced to commit heinous sins against the Lord, even within the walls where He is to be worshipped.

Travis Clark, 39, is another case of someone in a trusted position of church leadership choosing the lust of the flesh over the righteousness of God.

Clark plead guilty to a felony obscenity charge when he was caught having sex with two women described as dominatrices inside Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, in Pearl River, Louisiana.

As reported by FOX8 New Orleans, the prosecution entered into a plea agreement with Clark and he was given a suspended three-year sentence and three years supervised probation.

The women involved, Melissa Cheng, 30, and Mindy Dixon, 43, were both charged with institutional vandalism and given probation.

Due to the actions of these three, the altar of the church (where they chose to perform these acts) was declared desecrated by the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The altar was ordered to be burned and replaced.

According to court documents, the trio had stage lights and recording devices set up to film their criminal acts.

This assault on God does not care what denomination the ex-priest belonged to, it was meant to stain the Lord’s reputation and show the world yet another fallen leader within the church.

To the world, it does not matter if it is a Catholic priest, Baptist minister or an evangelical pastor who commits these sins against the Lord. It is viewed as a Christian leader committing hypocritical acts that fly in the face of the very sermons they preach.

Why would a non-believer ever want to be a part of something like that?

There are few examples of the spirit of Jezebel at work as textbook as this scenario.

Jezebel of the Bible killed the prophets of the Lord and set up altars to Baal across the land. So too was this altar to the Lord desecrated for a pagan god of the flesh, and the priest was spiritually assassinated in the process.

The pagan god Baal, in Canaanite mythology, was the god of life and fertility. Sexual immorality abounded in the worship of this false god, and this practice is continuing across the world today.

Yes, the pagan gods of old are alive and well, and they are declaring war against the Lord God in heaven.

Christians have to ask themselves, are they going to go down the same road that ancient Israel went down? Even though that path leads to the nation’s eventual destruction? Or will Christians learn from the lessons of Israel and follow the example the prophet Elijah set while standing against the pagan god Baal and its followers?

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discusses in depth the worship of Baal and other pagan gods in American culture today in his newest book, “The Return of the Gods.”

This is not a work of fiction, as the actions of this ex-priest show. In fact these desecrations are occurring at this very moment across the nation that once stood on Judeo-Christian values.

So, the question posed to Christians is this: What are you going to do about it?

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