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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – Vaccine-free employees working for Canada’s largest public transit network will soon be allowed to return to work if they choose.

Amid mounting legal pressure, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) said it was dropping a workplace COVID jab mandate starting November 27.

Hundreds of TTC workers chose to not get the COVID shots, and many launched legal challenges against their employees.

The TTC said in a press release last Thursday that, despite allowing the vaccine-free to come back to work, it will be amending its employment conditions so that should a jab policy ever be enacted again workers must abide by it.

Returning workers will not be given backpay but will keep seniority says the TTC.

In August 2021, the TTC announced that all its employees had to get the COVID jabs starting September 7, face being placed on leave without pay or face termination.

At the time, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 representing workers blasted the move by the TTC mandating COVID-19 vaccines by early September.

In a statement  last Friday, the union said it is pleased with the news but added the mandatory COVID jab policy could have been done in a more “reasonable” way if the TTC would had been more accommodating.

“The TTC could have sat down with us from the beginning to implement vaccination policies in a reasonable way. Instead, management chose an approach that violated members’ rights,” Local 113 said.

“No other workers faced a comparable approach. In the education, healthcare and policing sectors other agencies serving the public managed to encourage and require vaccinations without resorting to illegal terminations. We have pushed from day one for hearings to resolve the issue as soon as possible; the TTC has not.”

Local 113 added that after “months” of legal action by TTC employees and the union, the transit authority has “finally accepted their mistake and reversed their decision.”

“We are pleased that the uncertainty and frustration experienced by our members and their families may be coming to an end. We are just disappointed that it took so much time and conflict to get us here.”

Local 113 said that it will press ahead with “grievances” on behalf of its members, as it feels backpay should be given to those unfairly terminated.

Thousands of public sector Canadian workers who chose not to get the experimental COVID shots faced either outright job loss or the prospects of such over the past year.

The city of Toronto only recently announced that starting December 1 employees who refused the COVID shots will be allowed to return to work.

Many people chose not to get the COVID jabs due to personal religious reasons and due to the jabs’ links to bad side effects.

Autopsy data shows a close association between the COVID mRNA jabs and heart inflammation, more so than between heart issues and the COVID virus itself.

Also, according to two recent medical studies from Europe, blood damage explains the many harmful impacts of COVID shots.

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