Dr. Scott Hahn’s newest book ‘Holy is His Name’ calls faithful Catholics into a deeper relationship with Jesus – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — Tomorrow, immerse yourself in 4,000+ years of Sacred Tradition as renowned Scripture scholar, professor, and keynote speaker, Dr. Scott Hahn, joins John-Henry on a journey through the rich history of the Bible. 

Viewers will discover the deeper meaning — and concrete application — of the fundamental vocation for all faithful Catholics: the call to holiness.  

John-Henry Westen investigates holiness with Dr. Hahn, breaking open Hahn’s newest book, Holy is His Name. 

In this unique perspective on holiness through the lens of Scripture, John-Henry and Dr. Hahn unpack important topics such as: 

  • Man’s participation in God’s work of holiness 
  • The emergence of the human understanding of holiness 
  • The meaning of holiness throughout the Bible 
  • And more!

Don’t miss this captivating and informative interview, perfectly encapsulating LifeSiteNews’ emphasis on the importance of striving for sainthood by living a holy life, transforming the culture, and leading people to the fullness of the Truth. 

In-depth explorations into the importance of a holy life encourage and motivate our thousands of viewers who are building a culture of life across the world. 

LifeSite remains committed to upholding their commitment to life, faith, family, and freedom, by emphasizing and promoting values that will help people to grow in holiness. 

Watch this sneak peek into Dr. Scott Hahn’s new book for a welcome alternative to a worldly life and all its vanities, providing viewers with the tools necessary to participate in a deeper and holier life! 

Don’t miss out: Tune in Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT! 

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