Isn’t It a Little Much to Send a Pastor Hate Mail for His Jeans?

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Perhaps the most common complaint that the secular side of society has against the Christian church, is that they think Christians are too judgmental.

That any little misstep by somebody either inside or outside the church is going to send a wave of condemnation and finger wagging their way.

This attitude has driven countless people away from attending church over the years, and it is still prevalent today.

Pastors are on the frontlines of scrutiny, often being held up to the impossible-to-reach expectations of many within and outside of the church. They are already held up to a higher standard within the pages of the Bible, and will be judged more strictly based on their behavior in the position of pastor.

So, when Pastor Adam Weber, founder of Embrace Church with multiple campuses in South Dakota, received legitimate hate mail for wearing “skinny jeans” to preach, this negative stereotype against Christians was reinforced even more.

As reported by the Christian Post, Pastor Weber shared this anonymous letter to his Facebook page, giving people a brief glimpse into the life of a pastor just trying to do his best.

Within the disapproving letter, written in red ink, the infuriated critic called his jeans “completely offensive” and “morally wrong.”

How could Christians possibly get stereotyped for being too judgmental?

The incensed writer continued, “As head pastor do you really think it is appropriate to wear skinny leg jeans to preach? Since when do men wear skinny leg jeans? Where is your common sense? This is an outrage! You are a representative of Jesus Christ!

“Certainly, you can dress professionally and conservatively. YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The praise and worship team should also dress CONSERVATIVELY,” the letter continued.

“This is mandatory being in ministry! This looks like you are trying on purpose to be sexy. JUST DISGUSTING FOR A PASTOR. USE SOME COMMON SENSE. DRESS LIKE YOU SHOULD! You are not in middle school but rather responsible for an entire church.”

After sharing the less-than-loving letter he received from his anonymous judge, Pastor Weber noted how many Christians and non-Christians would be turned off from ever attending church, and in turn never hear about Jesus Christ, with an attitude like this.

“This isn’t Jesus though. So instead of walking away from Jesus, I’ll let it bring me closer to Jesus. I’ve never sent a letter like this. But I have written them many times in my mind (probably even over something really foolish like a pastor’s jeans). I need Jesus just as much as the person who sent this does,” he shared.

“I need Jesus. The real Jesus. Don’t walk away from Jesus because of people. Note: I’m not posting this to be passive aggressive toward the anonymous person who sent this. Or for anyone to feel sorry for me. Only to encourage you: Please don’t walk away from Jesus because of people,” he implored.

“Also, I think I’ll keep wearing my skinny jeans. Even if they’re … sexy?” he wrote. “I genuinely have no ill will toward the person. I only hope good to come their way. I know when I’m hurting, I think/say/do hurtful things. If you would please pray for them. That God would shower them with His love, grace and kindness today. Thanks friends.”

And yes, the Bible absolutely says to dress modestly. Pastor Weber never said anything to the contrary. If anything, his response shows that he was authentically surprised someone thought he was trying to be sexy by wearing slender jeans.

It also commands Christians to be “…swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger, for the anger of man does not work the righteousness of God,” (James 1:19-20).

Perhaps a little more love, grace and mercy will draw people closer to Jesus, instead of judgement and condemnation.

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