Morning Rundown: Mario Murillo: How Do We Bring God Into This National Crisis?

Mario Murillo (Charisma News archives)

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Mario Murillo: How Do We Bring God Into This National Crisis?

Some of us are enraged and others are exhausted. Is there proof out there that a handful of villains control our choices and overrule our rights?

The answer is yes. But that proof is a viciously—even supernaturally—guarded secret.

Many are roaring that we are not a free people, and we must uncover our electronic slavery. Others despair, having witnessed repeated failures to expose the lie.

CeCe Winans Shares 3 Reasons You Need to Attend a Local Church

For years pastors and leaders in the church have tried to understand why younger generations were steadily declining when it came to joining a local church.

It became evident that man’s strategies were no longer working to save the lost. But—a new study from Barna Group indicates a new era in millennial church attendance.

From 2019 to 2022 research shows Millennial attendance has gone from 21% to 39%. Could this be the start of a nationwide revival?

Turkish Evangelist Sentenced to 8,568 Years in Prison for Multiple Heinous Crimes

A Turkish Muslim televangelist, who has been arrested multiple times in the past and who has spent time in both prison and a mental hospital over the years, has been sentenced to 8,568 years in prison by a court in Turkey.

Described as a cult leader, Adnan Oktar, 66, was convicted of both sexual assault and abuse of minors, reported. He was originally given a jail sentence of 1,075 years, but an appeals court ordered a retrial involving 215 defendants. Ten of them were given more than 8,000 years in prison by the court in Istanbul, and many of the other defendants were given shorter terms.

A highly controversial preacher and leader of what many termed as a “cult,” Oktar constantly surrounded himself with young women whom he referred to as his “kittens,” the BBC reported. He owned his own television channel, through which he delivered religious sermons.

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