ORU’s President Dr. Billy Wilson Shares Strategy to Reach 8 Billion for Christ

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The world population just surpassed 8 billion people and a group of emboldened followers of Jesus have set on a mission to reach the world with the message of Jesus—but they are asking for your help.

I sat down with Dr. Billy Wilson the president of Oral Roberts University for my podcast “Strang Report” to talk about his efforts to reach 8 billion people for Christ. Wilson is the global chair of a new initiative called Empowered 21. Their goal is to take the message of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to everyone on planet Earth—all 8 billion people, by 2033.

2033 is a significant year for Christians everywhere, it’s 2,000 years since A.D. 33 when Jesus was crucified, raised from the dead and ascended into heaven. Now, one of the largest charismatic relational networks in the history of Christianity has commenced with the vision of every person on earth having an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit by 2033.

“We have a philosophy that the prayer of Jesus for unity is not only relational, but it’s also missional,” Wilson says. Empowered 21 is mobilizing movements, churches and encouraging the body of Christ to work towards the next decade and make it the greatest decade of Great Commission effort in the history of the church.

Technology has advanced enough over the years that it has opened the door to reach people in ways the global church never thought was possible. “Jesus over and over again, would reach out to an individual and by seeing that individual converted would open an entire region like the woman of Samaria,” Wilson says.

As Wilson was praying and asking the Holy Spirit for counsel on how to reach the world, he felt the Holy Spirit say to him “one person at a time.” Wilson along with the Empowered 21 team are asking for your help to reach the lost.

Next summer, June 21 through 24, 2023, they are calling Great Commission minded ministries together to the city of Amsterdam for a conference to talk about a new era of evangelism.

“In the 21st century, we’ve emerged from the pandemic now, the world is open. I believe the world has been prepared for the greatest revival in human history and the greatest harvest in human history,” Wilson says.

The theme of the gathering is “everyone.” “We need everyone to help reach everyone for the glory of God,” Wilson says. Technology is accelerating, knowledge is expanding and the Holy Spirit is mobilizing the church in this hour to reach the lost.

We are blessed with the opportunity to know Jesus and learn about Him openly and freely. Many people around the globe have never had that chance. If every single Christian realized the calling and purpose on their life to spread the Light of the world, living inside of them, the entire world would be changed.

On the podcast, Wilson shared three things that need to happen for the church to move into a moment of acceleration.

1. Listen to the voice of God.

2. Be willing to say yes to the difficult task.

3. Be led by the Holy Spirit to be a witness in your community.

Tune in to the rest of my interview with Dr. Billy Wilson to hear about the correlation between Philip reaching the Ethiopian eunuch and what God is doing in this hour.

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