Dating The Donald, Part II – The Stream

Welcome back to another exciting adventure of “Dating The Donald,” as we fast forward six years.

So, the team won the championship. The new guy, Donald, was as impressive on the field as off and his base and popularity solidified through the next few years. So much so, that he became president of the student body in one of the most prestigious and difficult schools in the nation. There was no parallel to the position of power to which he would be catapulted, which made his list of enemies quadruple overnight.

The Victorious Team Quarterback

But like a seasoned pro, a stealth and nimble quarterback of this new team, he navigated his way around all the obstacles and delivered victory after victory to the cheering crowds. He accomplished things that people had only spoken of in quiet whispers suggesting the impossible could be accomplished with this new wunderkind … things like moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where it belonged. Or negotiating with Mexico to keep migrants in their country while they are being processed.

The Donald has to step up his game, be a leader, ignore the jabs and play nice with team members to walk into his destiny … if he wants to.

Oh, the list is long and the trophies too numerous to mention, but he never forgot. In fact, he rather liked bringing up all his accomplishments and would grow angry as he would recount the treacherous deeds of his detractors. They broke every rule, everyone knew it, but they also knew it was how the game was played. He didn’t like it and would act out and just refuse to move on and let an insult go.

The Divider

His friends, who used to hate him, but saw his amazing leadership qualities, would tell him to move on, leave the past behind and look to the future. He was thinking he could do both and sadly thought that the future meant not just destroying his natural enemy, the Democrat socialist party, but attacking his own team members.

The climax of the tension between his supporters and his detractors was when he started attacking his friends. The elder supporters would mumble in the stands, “bad form son, bad form.” The giddy girls of their youth who longed for just a nod of acknowledgement became cold in their undying devotion to him. They could not believe someone as accomplished, brilliant, creative, fearless and successful would find a need to trash equally accomplished members of his team. It was upsetting, divisive and created a rift in the team as many left in disgust.

Stepping Up to the Game

He realized he had made a mistake, while not actually admitting it, and he addressed the nation with a change-of-plans theme that caused the past to be swept aside as a new day is dawning in America.

At least that’s how he wants the speech to be perceived. But is it? Will it be enough to rally the base, roll out a plan of action for the nation while ignoring the elephant in the room — slights to fellow team members who are as committed to the jersey as you are?

The one thing that will solidify the support of his base is if he can come back into the huddle with his mea culpa mug in hand and offer his support, his prayers and his fellowship to a team that has been divided by his self-centered actions.

Only then, can they rally as one and beat the mutual enemy that is determined to destroy all they know and love. The Donald has to step up his game, be a leader, ignore the jabs and play nice with team members to walk into his destiny … if he wants to.

Nina May is the Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, an international leadership organization with offices in the U.S. and the Republic of Korea. The Renaissance Foundation hosts international seminars, exchanges and events that bring business and political leaders of different countries and cultural backgrounds together. Nina is also a notable film maker, writer, commentator and contributor to many conservative news organizations and sites.

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