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Answered prayer! Thousands of babies have been saved! Let’s pray that God continues to protect the unborn and saves even more!

From The Federalist. Do pro-life laws, whether state or federal, actually save lives?

Pray for your fellow intercessor.

According to a new study from the pro-abortion WeCount coalition, the answer is “yes,” with the number of abortions nationwide falling by 10,000 in the first two months after the Dobbs decision.

Ten thousand lives saved is cause for celebration, although you might not guess that from the media’s reaction. But the effect of Dobbs won’t stop there. As is often the case, the answer goes beyond the headlines. …

As reported in The New York Times, WeCount estimates that 22,000 fewer induced abortions were performed in states with pro-life laws in July and August, compared with the baseline beginning in April, before the Dobbs decision. In states where abortion-on-demand remained legal, abortions increased by roughly 12,000, leading to a net decline of 10,000.

Taking a deeper dive into the report, the number of lives saved has the potential to grow significantly in the months and years ahead. There were just under 7,400 fewer abortions in August than in June. If you extrapolate that figure over 12 months, you get a drop of nearly 90,000 abortions per year.

That’s not all. Economist Phillip Levine has argued that, by changing people’s sexual behavior, pro-life laws lead to fewer unexpected pregnancies. We agree. Many of the babies that were aborted in July and August would have been conceived pre-Dobbs. The total number of induced abortions is likely to decrease further as people make changes to their behavior based on post-Dobbs state pro-life laws and changing mores.

By some estimates, state and federal pro-life laws have already helped save millions of lives over the years, including limitations on federal and state taxpayer funding of abortion, state prohibitions on discriminatory abortions, and the more recent effect of heartbeat laws in states like Texas. This new data shows Dobbs will only accelerate this encouraging trend as mothers and fathers consider other options that affirm the dignity and worth of every human life. …

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Canva)

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