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SILVER CITY, New Mexico (LifeSiteNews) – One of the secret ingredients of the award-winning coffee brewed by pro-life monks in New Mexico is more than a thousand years old: the Rule of St. Benedict.

“Our whole religious life is about sanctity. We have to sanctify ourselves,” Brother Bernard, Obl. S.B. told LifeSiteNews. “We try our best to make it the best coffee.”

“What we do does transmit what we are,” he said. “There is something spiritual about everything that we do at the monastery. And St. Benedict wanted that.”

The Benedictine Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery sell tens of thousands of pounds of Abbey Roast coffee per year. The monks’ much-awaited new roasting facility is “now done” and many people visit the beautiful facility and its new gift shop, Brother Bernard said. The Benedictines are waiting on a new coffee bean roaster which will greatly help production, but supply chain problems have delayed its arrival.

The monks’ new gift shop in Silver City, New Mexico

“It’s a miracle that this [current] roaster that we have…is putting up,” Brother Bernard shared. “I’m surprised it hasn’t melted.”

Through their Cafe4Life program, the monks fund pro-life organizations.

And for the rest of the year, proceeds from the monks’ popular Christmas Blend will benefit LifeSiteNews. The monks’ coffee, which is also the official coffee of the annual March for Life, is the perfect Christmas gift for Catholic and non-Catholic friends alike.

There are over 40 monks at the monastery in Silver City, and around a dozen sisters. Their prayers power the pro-life movement even more than their coffee does, providing a sort of spiritual cover for people around the world who work in the pro-life sphere.

The monks’ otherworldly monastery is a sign of hope for the world

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery is an oasis for souls no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

“When people come to our monastery – you step through those gates, you’re in another world,” said Brother Bernard. “Just coming in and listening to the chant will convert you.”

And it seems Abbey Roast puts more than just caffeine into its drinkers’ veins. Brother Bernard said many people have commented that there is something noticeably different about the many products the monks make (“We make furniture, we do all kinds of stuff,” he explained).

The monks’ new Roma blend has a ‘great flavor’ and is Brother Bernard’s favorite roast right now, he told LifeSiteNews

Through their coffee, their transcendental building, and their monastic vocations, the monks are a sign of hope to a deeply hurting and confused world.

“God takes bad events and He turns them around. So beautifully,” said Brother Bernard. “And only God…can draw up good from evil. No one else can do that.”

He pointed to the life of St. Mary Magdalene: “She might have had abortions,”and yet Christ’s redemption transformed her and now she is honored as a great saint.

“The whole redemptive aspect of our life…that’s the beauty of the Church, that’s the beauty of monastic life,” he said. “It’s taking our fallen nature and redeeming it.”

While abortion rates decrease as more pro-life laws are enacted, “we’re gonna have more and more people to take care of,” said Brother Bernard. “And that’s the point of Cafe4Life.”

Click here to order the monks’ Christmas Blend. Proceeds support LifeSiteNews!

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