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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Lawyer Brendan Miller, who is representing the Freedom Convoy in the Public Order Emergency Commission inquiry, produced a sworn affidavit that alleges that the infamous Nazi flag waver seen at the Freedom Convoy has been identified.

Miller shared the affidavit, signed by a man named Shawn Folkes, with the Western Standard. The affidavit states that Enterprise Canada employee Brian Fox was the man seen waving the Nazi swastika flag at the outset of the convoy.

Folkes said in the affidavit that he witnessed a man waving the flag on January 29 while in Ottawa, and he approached the man to ask questions.

“When I got within five feet of him, he pulled down the flag and stuffed it into his coat,” he said. “I heard him say that this is what our future flag would be if the government continued on its path… It made perfect sense to me because only 75 meters away, there were other people with signs showing Trudeau in a SS outfit with a Hitler mustache painted on a ‘WANTED’ poster.”

It was Folkes’ understanding that the man was waving the flag in protest of what were considered by some to be Nazi-like or fascist-like mandates by the federal government.

Questions remain unanswered, however, as to whether Folkes is correct in his assessment, as he identified the flag waver as having a “European” accent, but a recording of Fox denying the claims shows that he has a standard Canadian-English accent.

However, Folkes is adamant that Fox is in fact the man who was waving the flag.

He stated: “Since the close of the commission’s proceeding on Nov. 21, 2022, I reviewed two other pictures of Brian Fox provided to me by counsel. I can further confirm upon review of same, Brian Fox is the man with the Nazi Flag that I met on Jan. 29, 2022.”

Fox’s employer categorically denied the allegations, calling them “despicable” and saying that they are looking into “all legal options.”

Enterprise President Jason Lietaer told CBC News that due to the allegations presented by Miller, Fox has received “threats.”

Miller tried to have the affidavit brought into the federal inquiry, but the request was denied by Commissioner Paul Rouleau who said there was “little foundation in evidence” for the request.

Miller also asked for the police to search the license plates of the truck that was filmed with the Confederate flag, but that was likewise called a “fishing expedition” by Rouleau.

On Thursday, Fox served Miller with a libel notice, threatening legal action over what he says are false claims.

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