New York Baptist Church Pastor Bares Vigil for Double Homicide Victims

A Baptist Church pastor in Schenectady County, New York, had announced a vigil on Nov. 25, Friday, at 6 p.m. to honor the victims of a double murder case.

A report by 6News WRGB Albany said Duanesburg Florida Baptist Church Pastor Tony Solomon bared the planned vigil outside Princetown Town Hall in Schenectady County. Solomon told reporters he had partnered with Duanesburg Town Supervisor for the event.

Details of the Double Murder

New York State Police identified the suspect as Nicholas Fiebka, 19.

Fiebka allegedly shot and killed his mother, Alesia Wadsworth, and his stepfather, William Horwedel, inside their home on Tuesday at 1155 Reynolds Rd., Princetown.

The young adult is now in police custody at the Schenectady County Jail and will face two counts of second-degree murder. The news outlet bred that Fiebka is set to appear before a court on Nov. 28, Monday.

Another report by the news outlet disclosed that State Troopers and officers from the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Deputies went to the victims’ house on Tuesday around noon. The report said the law enforcers were there on a welfare check.

Upon entering the residence, police said they discovered the lifeless bodies of 60-year-old Wadsworth and 61-year-old Horwedel. The two had apparent gunshot wounds.

Following the discovery of the victims’ bodies, police investigators managed to secure an arrest warrant for Fiebka. A separate report indicated that police officers cordoned off Gillespie Street and Union Avenue Tuesday afternoon in preparation for serving an arrest warrant to Fiebka. The report said the suspect lives at a multi-unit residential facility at 40 Union Ave.

The Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, and Police Department are reportedly working closely in the investigation.

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Indications of What’s To Come

A separate report by 6News WRGB Albany revealed that the suspect’s mother had requested a Temporary Order of Protection against her son in December 2021. 

The news outlet said the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office received a 7.62mm Palmetto rifle from 19-year-old Fiebka in connection with the protection order.

Authorities have decided to make the Temporary Order of Protection permanent on Dec. 26, 2022, which was supposed to last through the same day of the following year. The order likewise forced Fiebka out of the Reynolds Residence, where he would eventually kill his mother and stepfather.

Fiebka reportedly lived at the house until January 2022, when the protection order became permanent.

The report said two of Horwedall’s triplet sons work as New York State Troopers.

About Duanesburg Florida Baptist Church

According to its website, Duanesburg Florida Baptist Church has been led by Senior Pastor Tony Solomon beginning in 1986. Pastor Tony is married to Billie Jean Solomon, with whom he has six children.

The church’s Associate Pastor is June Roman, who started serving the congregation in 2021. He and his wife Kasey married in 2002 and now have four children.

Meanwhile, the church’s Board of Elders includes Armand Amedore, Esther Brown, Judith Warner, and Evelyn Hewitt. 

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