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(LifeSiteNews) — Parents in the small town of Grant, Michigan have pushed back against a pro-LGBT mural painted on a wall outside the local middle school’s Child and Adolescent Health Center. They were concerned the painting, which has occult as well as transgender-affirming images, indoctrinates students with left-wing propaganda.

Earlier this year, the Grant Public School Board held a contest to “brighten up” the center. Junior Evelyn Gonzalez won the contest with a submission that depicts kids wearing transgender, bisexual, and rainbow-themed clothing. The words “stay healthy” also appeared on the painting, as did animals holding giant needles — an obvious promotion of the dangerous COVID-19 vaccine, which has been linked to possible health risks for children.

Parents denounced the mural after it went up this summer. “We just want a neutral place for our kids,” one man told NBC affiliate WOOD-TV 8 last month. “We don’t want our kids being politicized.” After praying with other parents, another person told the outlet the liberal painting is not “all-inclusive” and that it’s only “inclusive” of LGBT students.

Approximately 100 individuals attended last month’s school board meeting to discuss the mural, including the student who created it. “When adults pretend things that are like real life, it’s a mental illness,” one woman said, referring to transgenderism. “We need counselors, we need medication that’s going to help bipolar disorder,” another individual remarked. Others who attended the meeting said the mural was discriminatory against Christians, local media reported.

Supporters of the leftist mural took to social media to viciously attack its opponents. A Facebook group called “Grant Alum & Community Members – Support Middle School Inclusive Mural” was established. It currently has just under 500 members. Persons in the group accuse parents of being “religious zealots.”

Multiple national media outlets picked up the story as well, including NPR, Yahoo! News, and Today. A GoFundMe account has been set up for the artist of the mural. So far it has raised over $6,000.

Las Vegas-based marijuana attorney Mitchell Bisson, a native of Grant, reached out to the student who painted the mural in order to ensure her creation remains in place. He told WOOD TV 8 he has been in touch with Grant school board superintendent Brett Zuver. Last month, Bisson sent a cease-and-desist letter to board members threatening to report them for alleged civil rights infringements. Bisson said parents are acting like “bullies” who want to “force” their “old-school, bigoted” views onto others.

On October 13, Zuver announced that the school board would not be taking the mural down, as parents had hoped for.

“After careful consideration and discussion with our students, staff, Board and community members, it has been agreed upon that the mural will remain in place with some adjustments,” his statement read.

“At Grant Public Schools, we are committed to promoting civility, respect, understanding and inclusion. We do not condone and will not tolerate dissociation, harassment or bullying whether in word, deed or on social media.”

As part of the board’s decision, some of the icons in the painting that were not included in the original submission will be removed. Parents were concerned that several images — especially one of an all-seeing eye, and another that looks like the devil — were demonic in nature. LifeSite will continue to monitor this story and provide developments as they occur.

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