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Dean of Trinity College Defends Sermon Claiming Jesus Was Transgender

You can’t start the season dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ without some figgy pudding-brained headline seeker trying to tear Jesus down.  Last Sunday, a graduate student at Cambridge’s Trinity College suggested Jesus was transgender. Worse, he did so during a sermon. Worse, the Dean of Trinity College, Dr. Michael Banner, defended the sermon, calling the transgender Jesus nonsense “legitimate.”

The basis of the researcher’s argument? Artwork from 1400 years after Christ’s Crucifixion. 

I have the whole unbelievable and insane story here.

Chinese Take to Streets to Protest COVID Lockdowns

Calls for freedom in the streets. Rare protests have broken out in China over the Communist country’s “zero Covid” lockdown policies.

Reuters says this “wave of civil disobedience” is “unprecedented” during the reign of Chairman Xi.

The protests were sparked by a deadly apartment fire in Urumqi, where residents locked in their building due to China’s “zero COVID” policy were burned alive.

Don’t miss The Stream’s Jason Jones, calling on Pope Francis to speak prophetically against the wicked regime with whom he tried to forge a Vatican alliance.

As part of the growing unrest, protesters are holding up blank pieces of paper, signifying CCP censorship. The movement has been dubbed “The White Paper Revolution.”

As of Sunday afternoon, the White House has not commented on the stunning unrest in China.

Joe was otherwise preoccupied.

This Cannot Possibly Be True: FBI Waited a YEAR to Start Investigating J6 Pipe Bombs?!?!?

Deep in the 1,500-page GOP Judiciary Report comes a shocker. The FBI didn’t seriously begin investigating the pipe bombs placed on J6 for over a year.

On the evening of January 5 or early January 6, pipe bombs were placed at both the DNC and RNC headquarters. In fact, VP-elect Kamala Harris reportedly passed right by the pipe bomb that morning. The pipe bombs were actually what caused the evacuation of House Office Buildings on J6. And yet, “The FBI appears to not be aggressively investigating pipe bombs placed by political party headquarters on January 6, 2021, while prioritizing other January 6, 2021-related investigations.”

In fact, as the Epoch Times reports, a whistleblower told House Republicans the Washington Field Office of the FBI waited until February 7, 2022 — a full 13 months after J6 — to ask its national field offices to investigate and try and identify the suspect. A suspect, we might add, that had been captured on video.

Although grandmas in MAGA hats and military vets in wheelchairs and people taking selfies after walking through doors opened by the Capitol Hill police have been tracked down and tossed into solitary, no suspect for the pipe-bombings has been publicly identified, let alone apprehended.

No. Nothing at all suspicious about that.

In August, Revolver.News laid out its proof that the FBI was withholding video evidence of the pipe bomber actually planting the devices. 

Twit Freak, Part One: “Wanna Boot Twitter Off Apple and Android? I’ll Just Build My Own Phone”

Free speech hating liberals are putting intense pressure on Apple and Android to drop the Twitter app because Elon Musk is daring to offer a level playing field for speech.

Liz Wheeler tweeted about it.

To which Musk responded, ““I certainly hope it does not come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone.”

Wheeler’s right. How hard would a smartphone be for the guy who revolutionized space travel and automobiles? Do iPhone and Android want to see their business cut in half because a group of Karen’s can’t stand the thought of Donald Trump tweeting? I don’t think so.

Twit Freak, Part Two: ANTIFA Threatens to Go After Tesla Dealerships

The military wing of the DNC, otherwise known as ANTIFA is going on the warpath over Musk and Twitter. Portland ANTIFA called on its members nationwide go attack Tesla dealerships. The posted flyer states:

​​​​​​​”The fascist Elon Musk has chosen his side in history aligning with fascists and white supremacy so tonight we are calling for actions across the so called ‘US’ at ever local Tesla dealership.”

So far, we’ve seen no reports of dealerships getting attacked. However, actress rabid liberal actress Alyssa Milano who used to adore Musk announced she’s turned in her Tesla to protest Musk buying Twitter.

She’s now boasting about driving a VW electric vehicle. You know, Volkswagen, the company literally founded by Nazis. 

Newsom Says He Won’t Challenge Joe Biden for 2024 Nomination

Saying he’s “all in” for Joe Biden’s re-election, California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he won’t challenge Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination. When asked for comment while holidaying in Nantucket, The Big Guy responded “Who’s Joe Biden?”

World Cup: USA vs England Drew Record Audience

The USA vs England World Cup soccer match Friday drew 15,377,000 viewers, making it the most watched men’s soccer match on U.S. English television ever. Those 15,377,000 viewers were treated to a 0-0 tie. All that hype for 0-0. If the point is to score, and nobody scored, what was the point?

The USA faces off against Iran Tuesday. A U.S win puts Team USA into the elimination round. And Team Iran into sudden death. Perhaps literally.

World Cup: A Tale of Two Groups of Fans

Fans of England and Wales got into a brawl over the weekend over … well, that’s what British soccer fans do. The punch throwing and chair tossing happened on Tenerife, one of Spain’s Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. Some 2,5000 Welsh fans traveled there to watch the World Cup without having to deal with Qatar’s strict prohibitions on alcohol.

They get trashed while the Japanese pick up trash. Japanese World Cup fans in Qatar are going viral for doing just what our mother’s always asked us to do: Clean up after ourselves. They pick up all the trash in their seating area after a game.

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