Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham Says Respect for Marriage Act ‘Deceptive, Dangerous’

Rev. Franklin Graham, the American evangelist and son of renowned televangelist, Rev. Billy Graham, took to social media on Nov. 26 and urged the American public to lobby their senators to vote against the “Respect for Marriage Act,” which he called ‘deceptive and dangerous.’

‘A Deceptive Legislation’

“The Respect for Marriage Act is coming before the Senate again on Monday. Why should that matter to you? Because it could impact you, your family, your church, and our nation. The name is a smoke-screen. Very deceptive,” Graham wrote on his Facebook account.

He likewise likened the proposed bill to legislation pushed by Democratic lawmakers, which he claimed did not benefit the American economy. 

“It’s like the Democrat’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act‘ that did nothing but increase inflation and further hurt our economy,” he said.

The proposed Respect for Marriage Act had already hurdled the House with a 267-157 vote in July. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Floor Leader, told reporters following the House passing of the bill that he would put its Senate version to the floor.

The Senate eventually passed cloture on Nov. 16, voting 62 to 37. The said move would mean that the senators could now advance the bill.

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A Better or Worse America?

In his privilege speech before his Senate colleagues on Nov. 16, Senator Schumer called on them to pass the bill, explaining that it would be a way to make the U.S. a “better, fairer place to live.” The senators are set to resume discussion of the bill on Nov. 28, The Epoch Times reported.

Those opposing the proposed legislation think it could have the opposite effect on the American way of life.

Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins said in a press release that the U.S. Senate is “making a mockery of marriage as it tramples on a foundational right-religious freedom of the individual.”

Its website said FRC is a “nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to articulating and advancing a family-centered philosophy of public life.”

Meanwhile, Graham said that the “dangerous legislation” may be used to ‘target individuals, churches, and organizations who honor traditional marriage.’

“The current version of the Respect for Marriage Act being pushed by Senator Chuck Schumer is designed to provide strong protections for same-sex marriage-but it fails to protect those of us who believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” The Epoch Times quoted Graham saying.

The Lee Amendment

Graham added that Senators must include Republican Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment on the proposed bill if it must be passed into law.

“The Lee Amendment, if approved, can bring critically-needed protection for religious liberty and rights of conscience to the pending legislation. Many say this is a long shot, but we desperately need Senators to demand the Lee Amendment be added to the current version of the Respect for Marriage Act before it is finalized,” the evangelist wrote. 

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