One of the Most Inspiring Testimonies on Finding Purpose Through Life’s Greatest Trials

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In life, everyone will go through trials, hardships and obstacles, but it’s what you do or don’t do in those moments that can shape and transform the course of your life forever.

Former TV news anchor Brooke Martin sat down with Charisma News for a powerful interview where she shares how God has taken her pain and used it for a purpose. After spending 15 years in news, reaching thousands of people across the nation, Martin found herself in a position she never imagined she would be in.

At the time she was pregnant and going to her OBGYN for a checkup when they delivered devastating news. At 14 weeks pregnant, doctors diagnosed her daughter with Anencephaly, a rare condition that prevents normal development of the brain and bones in the skull. Martin was told her unborn baby had a zero percent chance of survival.

“We had already announced our pregnancy on air so everyone was following along. We immediately decided to carry our baby full term as long as she would survive, but we also had to make the public announcement then to the viewers that this was our reality,” Martin says.

Her hardest moment was walked out publicly on the news as viewers watched her grow. The viewers leaned into to her journey and poured out overwhelming love and support.

“With anencephaly about 85% of pregnancies are terminated and the fact that we chose to carry our daughter full term was unusual,” Martin says.

In the video Martin shares the power and importance to clinging to the Lord and His voice during those times. Martin and her husband named their daughter Emma Noelle after God spoke to her on the OBGYN table and said “Immanuel” which means “God with us.”

After Emma’s birth, Martin and her husband shared 20 precious minutes with their daughter before she went to heaven to be with Jesus. Since then, Martin has been sharing her story with the world to remind people that God is with them in their trial.

Tune in to the full video to hear practically how to:

  • Identify with Jesus in hardships.
  • Gain a heavenly perspective.
  • Find purpose through the pain and bring glory to God.
  • See the hope and restoration in the midst of the storm.

For more information on Brooke Martin and what God is doing in her life you can go to her website:

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.

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