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(LifeSiteNews) — The pharmaceutical watchdog of the UK recently exposed Pfizer’s CEO for “misleading” the public with claims that his company’s COVID-19 vaccine was safe for young children.

Albert Bourla, CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, is under fire after a report from the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) revealed that Bourla violated codes of pharmaceutical practice by “misleading the public, making unsubstantiated claims” and showing a “lack of balance.” The report was launched after a complaint from UsForThem, a group consisting of parents drawing attention to the specific challenges that children faced during the pandemic.

UsForThem was prompted to submit a complaint to PMCPA in response to a December 2021 interview in which Bourla told the BBC that “there is no doubt in my mind that the benefits, completely, are in favor of” children ages 5-11 receiving a COVID vaccine. He added that “there are kids that will have severe symptoms” without the shot, claiming that the virus is spread especially fast in schools.

“The complaint alleged that Dr. Bourla’s remarks about the children’s vaccine were ‘disgracefully misleading’ and ‘extremely promotional in nature,’ arguing that it breached several clauses of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) code of practice,” The Telegraph reported.

UsForThem added that “there is simply no evidence that healthy schoolchildren in the UK” are a high-risk population for contracting COVID and “to imply that they are is disgracefully misleading.”

According to The Telegraph, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) “advised against a mass rollout for children aged 12-15″ last year. However, shortly after, permission was granted for children to receive the single-dose Pfizer vaccine. In February 2022, the JCVI approved that children between ages 5-11 could receive the shot, but ultimately left the decision to the parents.

“Pfizer appealed against the findings, strongly refuting UsForThem’s claims that Dr. Bourla had breached the code of practice,” the article continued. “They argued that his remarks were based on ‘up-to-independent benefit-risk assessments.’”

Although an appeal board met earlier this month to “consider their arguments,” “the breaches of the code relating to misleading the public, making unsubstantiated claims and the lack of balance were upheld.”

However, the “more serious findings” were dropped, including that “Pfizer had brought discredit to the industry, had encouraged irrational use of a medicine and had failed to maintain high standards.”

The PMCPA will release the full report and findings in the next few weeks.

Since the beginning of the COVID vaccine production, critics have challenged the statements that claim the safety of the shots for young children. In December 2021, LifeSiteNews published an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola that pointed out experts have shown children to be at far greater risk of negative side effects from the vaccine rather than having the disease itself.

Similarly, the following January, the Children’s Health Defense wrote an article pointing out the irony of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which pushed the shots for five-year-olds despite the 99.9% survival rate of minors infected with the virus.

LifeSite also published a report in April outlining the reasons behind 16,000 medical professionals signing a declaration to reject the push for healthy children to receive the COVID vaccines.


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