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(LifeSiteNews) — On tonight’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, Drew Mason from St. Joseph Partners is back to discuss the importance of fasting in the spiritual life and the shocking reason why millions of Christians may be unaware of it.

If you missed the November 1st episode announcing LifeSite’s partnership with St. Joseph Partners, click here to watch.

As Mason explains, our Lord Jesus Christ gives His disciples the “playbook on how to defeat evil” after they were unable to cast a demon out of a possessed boy. The story is recounted in Matthew 17 and Mark 9.

But, incredibly, modern Bibles omit that “playbook” — some demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting — from Matthew 17. And in Mark 9, “prayer” is kept but “fasting” is omitted.

Yes, the two most important tools in fighting Satan and overcoming his lies and temptations have been excised from modern Bibles. Why is that? What happened? I asked Mason and here’s what he said:

I would equate it to a Navy SEAL-type operation to be able to sneak into the Church and undercover to do this and just decimate the Church. [It] is an extraordinary event, one of evil’s greatest victories in the last century plus … I don’t know who it was in the Catholic Church who championed this. But in the Protestant church, there were two gentlemen, [New Testament scholars Brooke Foss] Westcott and [Fenton John Anthony] Hort, who championed this to change the King James [Version]. It turned out they were later associated with the occult. And I suspect that’s exactly what happened in the Catholic Church as well. People who were in disguise, they were the wolves in sheep’s clothing who took this defense away from us.

Other important points we discuss in tonight’s episode include how to fast properly and how often to fast. Mason points out that Satan wants us to prevent us from “realizing the power of fasting,” and thus many of us have misguided ideas about fasting.

“Satan wants you to think … in order for a fast to have any merit, Satan lies to you and says you have to be … unable to think and unable to function,” he says. “Whereas with God, it’s just the opposite. He says the bar is so low to get over to qualify as a fast for me, all you have to do is make a small sacrifice. But the key is do it with joy. Do it with your heart.”

For more from Drew Mason, listen below or watch the interview above.


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