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(LifeSiteNews) — My guest on tonight’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show is Dr. Scott French, an ER doctor with extensive experience testifying in medical malpractice lawsuits. We discuss how the arbitrary diktats of Dr. Anthony Fauci have damaged the United States and how certain lies continue to propel the so-called COVID “pandemic.”

Dr. French agrees that the horrors we’ve been witnessing the past couple years — the lockdowns, the mandates, and so on — are fundamentally part of a spiritual battle, a battle between good and evil, truth and lies, freedom and tyranny.

“This has really been orchestrated by Satan, and people are unwittingly cooperating with him,” he says. “Probably some are, but the vast majority don’t cooperate with Satan. It’s really a battle over truth. And so I always like to start these talks with, ‘Please, Holy Spirit, help guide us into truth and proclaim the truth. And that’s really what we lack in today’s world.’”

Dr. French quips that “the world has accepted Fauci truth and we’ve jettisoned God’s truth,” reminding us that science itself is predicated on a rational, ordered universe, and thus objective truths. “Science” used to scare people into complying with political and social agendas is most definitely not science.

“Here is what’s true about Fauci medicine. It’s very effective in killing people. It really is,” he says. “Because of the effects of the lockdowns, and they still have the emergency … I just checked, the Biden administration extended the emergency until January, and they’re probably going to extend it. Because you got to have a constant emergency, you got to have constant fear so that people just comply.”

For much more with Dr. Scott French, listen to tonight’s episode below or watch the interview above.

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