Sen. Raphael Warnock Beats Herschel Walker at Georgia Senate Runoff, Boosts Democratic Majority

It’s official: Democrat Sen. Raphael Walker has won the Georgia Senate seat against Republican Herschel Walker in their Dec. 6 runoff face-off. With the win, the Democrats boosted their hold of the U.S. Senate with a 51-49 count in their favor.

‘The People Have Spoken’

On Tuesday, Warnock addressed his supporters close to midnight and delivered his reelection speech, a USA Today report bared.

“I want to say thank you from, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and to God be the glory -” he began, before pausing for a roar of approval from the crowd “- for the great things that God has done. And after a hard fought campaign, or should I say campaigns, it is my honor to utter the four most powerful words ever spoken in a democracy – the people have spoken,” USA Today quoted Warnock saying.

The Georgia senator also drew parallelism between his family history and the state’s character.

“I am Georgia. I am an example and an iteration of its history, of its pain and its promise, of the brutality and the possibility. But because this is America and because we always have a path to make our country greater against unspeakable odds, thank you Georgia,” Warnock told his supporters.

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What Warnock’s Victory Means for the Democrats

Senator Warnock, the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, managed to hurdle Walker’s challenge in a tight race that saw both camps hurling negative accusations against each other.

While his party technically secured the majority last month during the general elections, Warnock’s victory is nonetheless significant. They now have 51 votes that they could use to pass legislation and confirm judges. The Democrats also have better leverage in Senate committees and other matters where having the numbers is an advantage.

It also means their party could have an easier time pushing for whatever political agenda President Joe Biden needs the U.S. Senate to approve. Incidentally, Biden was among the first political figures to send congratulatory messages to Warnock.

“Just called @SenatorWarnock to congratulate him on his win. Tonight Georgia voters stood up for our democracy, rejected Ultra MAGAism, and most importantly: sent a good man back to the Senate. Here’s to six more years,” Biden wrote on his official Twitter account, @POTUS.

Georgia Runoff Takeaways

People can take some key takeaways from the Georgia senate battle, USA Today reporter Phillip Bailey wrote. 

First, it was among the most bitter and expensive Senate races in U.S. history. The battle between Warnock and Walker cost $380 million and featured both camps running political ads that involved accusations of corpses in apartment buildings, abortion, and a penchant for telling lies.

The second was former President Donald Trump’s absence in Walker’s campaign efforts, contrasting with Biden’s active participation in Warnock’s reelection bid.

Third, the two candidates made election history as the first time two major political parties backed two Black senate candidates. Warnock has other claims to fame as the first Black senator in Georgia’s history and the first Black senator to win a full six-term. He is also just the 11th Black senator in the history of the United States.

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