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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Raquel Dancho was kicked out of the House of Commons yesterday for refusing to apologize for accusing a Liberal MP of “lying” about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal gun grab legislation. 

Dancho, who serves as the CPC’s shadow public safety minister, said in a press conference after the incident that she was ejected from the House of Commons for “telling the truth.”  

“I was raised by a very strong woman who told me never to back down from the truth,” said Dancho. 

“Today, we had enough of it and I called them out for lying, which they did lie. And I will say it again out here, they lied today in the House of Commons,” she added. 

The incident occurred in parliament after Liberal MP Vance Badawey accused the Conservative MPs of obstructing the passing of Bill C-21, saying they are acting as “part of the problem, versus being part of the solution.”

This characterization of events caused Dancho to yell out, “you are lying.” 

Anthony Rota, who serves as the House of Commons Speaker, immediately stopped the House proceedings and asked Dancho to apologize. 

“I withdraw the statement, Mr. Speaker,” said Dancho.  

Rota then again asked Dancho to apologize, which she refused to do. 

After a short time, Rota asked Dancho to “withdraw from the house and video conferences for the remainder of this day’s sitting.” 

Leader of the CPC, Pierre Poilievre, reacted to the event saying he was “proud” of Dancho for standing up for legal gun owners.

Trudeau’s Bill C-21 was initially introduced as a means of banning all used handgun sales and severely restricting new sales.  

After the debate period of the bill had finished, however, the Trudeau government hastily added new gun models to Bill C-21’s prohibition list, including long guns used by hunters, which further alarmed already concerned Canadians. 

Dancho said in her press conference after being kicked out that “millions of hunters will be impacted by what they’ve done,” and that the amendments added by the Trudeau government were brought “forward at the 11th hour in the most sneaky and underhanded way.”

Dancho also noted that none of the Conservative MPs were told about the Liberal’s last-minute amendments to the gun legislation, implying that it is not the Conservatives who are obstructing the passage of the bill, but the dishonest actions of the Liberals. 

Trudeau’s gun control efforts have sparked immense controversy across the political aisle, with some of his own MPs recently breaking rank to come out against the bill. 

Liberal MP for Yukon, Brendan Hanley, recently said he is not “happy” with the legislation, adding in clear terms that he cannot support the pending law as written.   

Another Liberal MP, Michael McLeod from the Northwest Territories, similarly said that there are aspects of Bill C-21 that are a bit “blurry” and “concerning” for him, and he does not fully support the bill as written.  

NDP leader says he will not support the bill as written

Even the far-left NDP, who have an informal agreement to support bills introduced by the Trudeau government, seem to be walking back their full support for Bill C-21.

Yesterday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said before the Assembly of First Nations, whom themselves oppose Trudeau’s Bill C-21, that he will not support the bill’s new amendments.  

“Any amendment in any way that contravenes your treaty rights is an amendment we will not support,” said Singh. 

The Liberals would need the full support of the NDP or the Bloc Québécois to ensure the passage of the bill. 

Bill C-21’s gun control effort is in addition to Trudeau’s 2020 firearms measure, in which he banned over 1,500 “military-style assault firearms” with a plan to begin buying them back from owners.  

If this ban is enforced, legal gun owners in possession of the federally regulated Possession and Acquisition License (PAL), would be barred from buying, selling, transporting, and even importing a slew of guns the government has categorized as “assault-style” rifles.  

On top of these bans, Trudeau in May enacted what is in effect a new long-gun registry system, despite saying in 2015 that he would never bring back the system after it was scrapped in 2012 by former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  

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