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Thursday was Day 8 of our 25 Day Countdown to Christmas campaign. We published a lot of important news articles yesterday for you to read. They especially illustrate the unique value of what LifeSiteNews offers the world. Please donate so that we can continue to do this good, greatly needed work.

There were more much-needed good news stories than normal yesterday that we are delighted to present to you.

Doctors are too often wrong in their assessments of unborn children when they recommend an abortion or D&C, assuming the child is dead, malformed, or having a lethal condition. The public still does not realize these assessments and recommendations are frequently for the benefit of the doctors wanting to avoid potential time-consuming, costly complications, lawsuits, or other inconveniences. One of Thursday’s articles presents a delightful twist to one such, not uncommon, story that you will enjoy. We love publishing these stories and have reported many over the years.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s latest attempt to pass a tyrannical internet censorship bill, this time named C-11, might end up being killed due to a technicality resulting from a proposed amendment in the Senate. Let’s hope and pray this action is successful.  Previous attempts by globalist Trudeau, who has no love for his country, to force through this type of Great Reset internet information control legislation, have all been halted at the last minute. 

The belligerent, foolish professors at Wilfrid Laurier University have failed to intimidate the great Jordan Peterson to withdraw his lawsuit for defaming him by comparing a speech by him to those of Hitler. This occurred in 2017 after graduate student Lindsay Shepherd, then a social liberal, played a brief clip to her class of a Jordan Peterson appearance on public television to simply promote open discussion that is too often suppressed. 

Her point was confirmed when she was later berated by the professors for presenting that clip to the class. Her recording of the professors went internationally viral through the internet. LifeSite extensively reported on the development. Peterson is not intimidated and is committed to receiving justice for both him and Lindsay Shepherd. These actions take time but are well worth doing for the benefit of all of society against such leftist tyrants. Now if only Peterson could also take on Justin Trudeau in a lawsuit.

Canadian government and healthcare system encouraged suicide is rapidly increasing in the formerly strongly Christian nation. However, today we have an inspiring story for you of deep loss turned into a gift of life for a desperate young man who was considering suicide. The article illustrates the need for creative solutions for the many similar people who would not succumb to the evil government-offered temptation to end their lives if only someone would resolve their specific practical needs. Love conquers all.

Trudeau and his Great Reset henchmen are diabolically determined to wipe out all assistance to women in distressed pregnancy situations by removing the charitable tax status of the many agencies all across Canada with big hearts that have helped hundreds of thousands of women and their children to avoid abortion. The pretty boy prime minister, who regularly tears up when discussing the alleged suffering of LGBT people, wants to crush and destroy the pro-life centers that give love, life, and all kinds of help with no strings attached. 

And in the US, a prosecutor has wonderfully dropped all charges against Red Rose rescuers after the judge granted permission for the pro-lifers to assert that the defense of necessity of “the women about to undergo abortions had never been given information on the grave psychological consequences of abortion.” This is so true and what pro-lifers have been saying for decades. Miracles do happen.

The situation against Dutch farmers elicited by extreme environmentalist groups is a warning to the entire world about where the Great Reset totalitarians are taking all of us. We must all resist to the maxi and support those who are most active in the fight. 

Those are my notes for Thursday. There is much more as well. This is why LifeSiteNews exists: to bring the truth about issues almost ALL the other media will not tell you about. And then many of you take appropriate actions to the best of your circumstances and good things happen.

Yes, I can assure you that our reports do cause good things to happen. But it is not we at LifeSiteNews who do them. We are just the news reporters, the messengers. YOU are the ones who actually change the culture – from having been armed with the reliable, useful information that we provide.

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