Man from North Carolina Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Saucon Valley School Over Satanic Club

After School Satan Clubs have been famous recently as they were formed inside primary schools and other schools, some parents support it, and some parents do not. A man named Ceu “Van” Uk from Charlotte, North Carolina has been accused of making terroristic threats against Saucon Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania.

According to Leigh Valley Live, this comes after the district approved an after-school Satanic club to use the school’s facilities. Uk allegedly left a threatening voicemail on February 21st. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department arrested him, and his bail was set at $75,000. He is awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania. The district attorney thanked both the Lower Saucon Township police department and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department for their assistance in the matter.

Man Behind Voicemail Threat in Saucon Valley Middle School Arrested

There have been recent reports and threats on the issue of schools forming clubs such as After School Satan Club. Satanic Temple launched this club, and The organization has clarified that despite its name, they do not worship Satan or believe that Satan exists.

Instead, they see Satan as a literary figure that rejects tyranny over the human mind and spirit. The group is well-known for advocating empathy, rejecting tyrannical authority, opposing injustice, and promoting common sense. They have been involved in various court challenges to laws that protect or promote Christianity, especially those proposed by conservatives.

A report in Saucon Source reveals that Ceu “Van” Uk from Charlotte, North Carolina, is accused of threatening to shoot everybody at Saucon Valley Middle School. Uk allegedly threatened after hearing about the district’s “After School Satan Club” on Facebook. The incident prompted a police investigation, and the campus was closed until activities were deemed safe to resume two days later.

The police traced the phone number to leave the threatening voicemail to a prepaid Cricket phone registered to Par Iang of Charlotte. Investigators from Lower Saucon Township sought assistance from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and were able to identify Uk. When Charlotte Police went to Uk’s home, he refused to talk after providing his phone number.

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The Saucon Valley Middle School Dismissed and had Been Temporarily Closed

In the recent report in Christianity Daily, The Saucon Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania closed down temporarily after a threatening voicemail was left at the district office, referring to the newly approved After School Satan Club that is set to have a meeting on March 8.

Superintendent Jaime Vlasaty decided to close the school in consultation with the Lower Saucon Police Department. Vlasaty will also suggest a full review of the club’s use of school property. A representative of the Satanic Temple, June Everett, stated that the club is not a joke and urged the community to accept the club’s existence, citing their right to public spaces. However, a parent, Marjulee Colon, who is opposed to the club, plans to hold a prayer event outside the school on March 8.

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