Over 1 Million Inactive Voters Removed from Los Angeles Voter Rolls – American Faith

Over 1.2 million inactive voters have been removed from the voter rolls in Los Angeles County, California, following a lawsuit filed by conservative organization Judicial Watch in 2017, The Blaze reports.

The organization had sued the county on behalf of legally registered voters in an effort to clean up the voter rolls and prevent possible voter fraud.

As part of a settlement reached in 2019, Los Angeles County was required to send almost 1.6 million address confirmation notices to voters listed as “inactive” on its voter rolls.

This led to the removal of nearly 1.5 million inactive registered names from the rolls.

In 2022, the county removed an additional 1,207,613 inactive voters, more than half of whom had not voted in at least 10 years.

“This long overdue voter roll clean-up of 1.2 million registrations in Los Angeles County is a historic victory and means California elections are less at risk for fraud,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Building on this success, Judicial Watch will continue its lawsuits and activism to clean up voter rolls and to promote and protect cleaner elections.”

According to Judicial Watch, 20% of registered voters in Los Angeles County had become inactive without being removed from the list.

Under the terms of the settlement, the county is required to send out confirmation notices to voters who are listed as “inactive,” and if they do not respond to the notices and do not vote in the following two federal elections, they must be removed from the voter rolls.

In December 2022, Judicial Watch settled a similar lawsuit in New York City, resulting in the removal of 441,083 ineligible names from the voter rolls.

The city also promised to take “reasonable steps going forward to clean its voter registration lists.”

The lawsuit in New York City also revealed that, under the National Voter Registration Act, the city had removed only 22 names from its list over a span of six years, despite a total voter registration of over 5.5 million.

This latest clean-up of voter rolls in Los Angeles County adds to a list of lawsuits filed by Judicial Watch, including a February 2022 voter roll litigation in North Carolina that resulted in two counties removing over 430,000 inactive voters from their lists.

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