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(LifeSiteNews) — One of the most disturbing things I learned when I visited Africa was how LGBT activists are trying to foist their agenda on the people there who, by their culture, are totally opposed to it. In the name of “human rights,” they are willing to bribe their way into schools, government, and churches without regard to real human rights.

In the West, one of the successful strategies of homosexual activists has been to point to boys and girls in schools who were being bullied. The claim was they were bullied for “being gay.” That argument was successful in getting schools to create so-called safe spaces for “gay” students. It was a propaganda effort that was very effective.

However, to try to replicate such a tactic in Africa, at least in Uganda and Kenya where I visited, would be very difficult. Not only is homosexual activity and its promotion illegal, it is totally rejected by society and all the religious systems in place in the country. So there are no “gay kids” in the classroom to point to as the victims needing saving. Well that had to be changed. So children were recruited into homosexuality.

Here is the process. Boys are paid money — little by American standards, but astronomical by African standards — to be in homosexual pornography films. Once they are addicted to the behavior, you have your “gay kids.” But more than that, those victims are then sent out to recruit others, and for each recruit they bring in they are paid more. Sickening.

And the homosexual activist group lobbying for acceptance of homosexuality in Uganda, called Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), stands accused of recruiting by one victim who came out publicly after he found himself with various ailments caused by the behavior he was paid to engage in. He knew he had to speak out when other children in his situation died.

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