Evangelist Tony Suarez: ‘We Are the Rapture Generation’


Evangelist Tony Suarez isn’t surprised at the outpourings and pockets of revival that Holy Spirit has sparked over the past few weeks. It’s something that he and his ministry friends have been declaring for three years.

Suarez is convinced that revival isn’t coming in America—it’s already here. And, he’s convinced that the rapture of God’s church will come sooner than many people think or even care to discuss.

“It’s here right now,” says Suarez, the founder of Revivalmakers, a Spirit-filled, evangelistic ministry that travels from church to church hosting events, tent revivals, healing services and crusades around the globe. “In my opinion, there’s not another move greater than this one that will come 100 years from now. We are that move. And this is going to last until the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Also the Chief Operating Officer of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Suarez says he and his kingdom friends are “tired” of talking about the difficult season America experienced with the COVID pandemic, and the attacks on the church, Christianity, the faith and today’s youth.

Through it all, Suarez says, he began watching classic videos of evangelist Oral Roberts and A.A. Allen, and he began to “long and wish” for the days of old.

As he did that, however, God rebuked him.

“I felt the Lord just kind of check me and he said, ‘What? Why are you relegating My power to yesterday?'” Suarez told Charisma News in an exclusive interview. “Am I not the same yesterday, today and forever? And so, we started declaring ‘it’s not coming, it’s here.’

“As a child of the church, every time there was a great move of God, a revival, an outpouring, just even a great youth camp, there would always be somebody that would get up and say you haven’t seen anything yet; something greater is coming. And sometimes there would be a little holy frustration of ‘when is it coming?’

“The responsibility of revival kept getting punted down the field to another generation. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are the last generation—the rapture generation.”

Suarez is thrilled with what has happened at Asbury University, Lee University, Samford University and other schools and churches. But he is more than curious as to why many believers haven’t embraced what’s happening around the country—and the world.

“So, what are the pitfalls or the obstacles, and what does it take to really have a genuine move of God in your home, your church and your community,” Suarez asks. “For several years, I think we have been focused on what happens in our nation’s capital and we have been using that as the indicator of whether revival has arrived or not.

“But we need to remember how God’s structure works. He works in our house before He works in the White House. He works in our home before He works in government. God got ahold of Abraham, and then his family. Then they were a tribe and a people and then they were a nation. So, we need the God of Abraham to move amongst us, these modern-day Abrahams, Isaacs and Jacobs. If we will have the faith in our homes, a culture of prayer, holiness, consecration and righteousness … if will revive those things in our home, it will affect our families, our communities and, I believe, it will ultimately affect the nation.

“But structure is very important in the kingdom of God. We need to work within God’s structure, which is me first, and then my family. Beyond that, we understand that revival might look a little different for everyone because everyone is stepping into the river at a different place. Look at what is taking place at Asbury. This is a traditional Methodist school, and I celebrate what God is doing there. But that move looks completely different than what might break out in a Pentecostal or charismatic context with what we’re used to. But that doesn’t diminish what God is doing at Asbury. They are stepping into the river where they’re at. That’s the beauty of this. Let’s rally [around] them and celebrate them, that they would walk in the fullness of God.”

Suarez says he loves the fact that God has shown no boundaries during this period of the awakening of the American church. It’s happening in the Bible Belt; it’s happening in the Midwest; it’s happening in the Northeast; it’s happening in California; and the Northwest.

And Suarez is convinced that this “revival” will continue on until Jesus’ Second Coming. “We’re that close,” Suarez says.

“It’s a blessing. It’s young and old. It’s not one generation or the other,” he says. “It’s not one culture. It’s white, black, Hispanic, Asian. It’s all, to me, the fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel.

“So, we see revival breaking out everywhere, even in the cities and states that have seemingly been overtaken by a wicked agenda.

new cm coverimage“What we’ve found is that there was a remnant. That was part of a word in California. God said, ‘I’ve heard the cries of the remnant.’ There was a remnant in Nineveh that was willing to get on their knees humble and repent and God spared Nineveh. God is sparing California. He’s sparing Illinois, I believe.

“And I’m not prophesying this, but I’m just in my faith right now. I’m believing that Oregon and Washington state, where some have given up on some of these Northwestern states as well, I’m praying Holy Ghost revival into those states. And may revival come from unexpected places and people to prove to us that this is a God thing, not a man thing.”

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