New and historic photo abridgment of the Bible, Bible Album, gets strong early reviews

Bible Album by Esdras Pierre Etrenne

“Esdras Pierre Etrenne’s Bible Album is a lengthy offering (1,785 pages) of nature photographs accompanied by Bible verses.” Says BlueInk Review. “Each of the 66 books of the Bible is represented in this tome.” They continue. 

Etrenne made Bible Album to “shine light on the gentle beauty of scripture.” An abridgment he hopes will make it tremendously easier for many to read the Word of God.

The artist has high ambitions for his work. He would like to see Bible Album surpass the impact of even the King James Version of the Bible. To this end, he’s also published a complimentary Bible Album gift bag as follows:

Bible Album Movie Experience:

  • YouTube Channel: @BibleAlbumVerses (Epic Film Score & Nature Sound Available)
  • TikTok Channel: @biblealbum (Lofi Beats)

Bible Album Daily Verses:

  • Instagram: @BibleAlbumVerses
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook Page: @BibleAlbum

He’s calling on supporters to help promote Bible Album through these social media handles. Etrenne is also reaching out to influential figures and submitting Bible Album to competitions in hopes of garnering greater attention for the work.

Some reviews Bible Album has already garnered are as follows:

“…many readers will find these quotes inspirational and illuminating.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Each of the chosen verses are also worthy tidbits of truth” – BlueInk Reviews

“Reading through Bible Album is cathartic, pleasing to the heart and soul” – Seattle Book Review

As well as the mounting consumer reviews on the Bible Album Amazon and Goodreads pages. One reviewer states: 

“‘It’s in the details’ is a saying that really fits perfectly for this amazing version of the bible. It’s absolutely stunning and will be reread and loved for many many years. I love it.”

Currently, the e-book is selling for $200.00. A price point the artist feels “represents the reverence this historic art piece deserves. History in the making.” This is an artwork that Etrenne hopes has a profound impact on humanity for generations to come. From the book description: “It is a work that will, I pray, tremendously contribute to the collective human psyche encouraging empathy and compassion.”

And also:

“What is love? Who is Jesus? What is the Big Bang? And what is the church?

What is sin? Who is God? What is life? And what is the Bible?

What is prayer? And what is a Christian?

May Bible Album be a help to find answers.”

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