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(LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian Catholic school board that banned high school student Josh Alexander from attending class after he said there are only two genders has claimed in a statement that barring him from class is a “human rights” issue because gender-confused males have a “right’ to use girls’ bathrooms.

Renfrew County Catholic District School Board (RCCDSB) director of education Mark Searson said in a public letter that, according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) policy statement on the use of washrooms along with changing rooms, anyone can use the bathroom they want.

This policy said Searson is what the school board uses for its guidelines.

“Access to washrooms is a basic physical need at the core of human dignity for everyone. Yet washrooms cause significant barriers for trans people and are one of the public spaces they avoid most,” the OHRC policy reads.

The OHRC policy then says that washrooms “cause significant barriers for trans people and are one of the public spaces they avoid most.”

Searson noted, “The Code allows for restriction of services or facilities to persons of the same sex for reason of ‘public decency.’ Facilities such as washrooms, change rooms and locker rooms are typically segregated based on sex. Trans people have the right to access these facilities based on their lived gender identity.”

“The majority of washrooms within RCCDSB and St. Joseph’s High School are restricted by sex, and we do have universal gender-neutral single use washrooms available to all. However, the OHRC is equally clear that individuals have the right to utilize the washroom of their lived gender identity,” Searson wrote.

Since November, Alexander has been banned from attending class at St. Joseph’s High School, located in Renfrew, Ontario.

As reported by LifeSiteNews, Alexander was arrested and charged on February 6 at his school for trying to attend class after being barred. He was later released after being served charges in a police cruiser.

His arrest came after he was suspended by his school board for the rest of the year in January for opposing gender ideology. He was served a trespass notice by his school after the suspension.

Alexander told LifeSiteNews last month that, in accordance with Christianity and the Bible, he believes that there are only two sexes and that this is a reality worth defending.

Searson wrote that the RCCDSB takes a “pastoral care approach with our community members who identify within the LGBTQ2S+ community.”

“The question of utilizing the restricted washroom of their lived gender is a process of support that takes time, and the question of safety is paramount during this process,” Searson wrote.

“We share this as some of the framing put forth by those who organized the protest at SJHS is that boys are utilizing the girls’ washrooms and vice versa on a large scale. This is not the case and, as indicated above, for the trans youth across our school board, we do provide as much support and care as we can. For some of these youth, a final decision is made to access the washroom of their lived gender and we walk with them and support them during this process.”

In conclusion, Searson noted that the Board will “not tolerate any harassing or threatening communications to its staff,” and that threats will be reported to the police.

Alexander blasts school board for encouraging ‘woke ideology’

Searson in his letter claimed that students are “entitled — and encouraged — to share their beliefs,” but it “cannot be at the expense of others.”

“No one should be made to feel unsafe and marginalised. Bullying behaviour that creates an unsafe space for our students is not tolerated,” Searson wrote.

Alexander said, as noted in a Post Millennial report, that the RCCDSB claiming it respects different “beliefs” is not accurate.

“They encourage anything that goes along with the woke ideology that they’re pushing in the education system,” he said. “But if you dare speak out with anything contrary to it, there will be consequences.”

Alexander noted that he does not believe the girls who told him about their concerns regarding male students using the girls’ bathrooms were at all doing so because of transphobia.

Alexander said that one female student “had said that there was a transgender student, who I won’t name, was shouting at them and calling them transphobic because they looked a little bit startled when a male walked into their washroom.”

He added that having males using girls’ bathrooms is “gross” and “certainly does pose a safety and security risk for female students.”

Last week, Alexander appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to tell the popular news host he hopes to continue his education despite being banned from his school after maintaining that there are only two genders.

Late last month, Alexander got a hero’s welcome after a large crowd of supporters gathered at the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board office, located in Pembroke, Ontario, to support him in his protest against the board, which was having a meeting at the time.

Alexander, with the help of his lawyer, will be looking at filing a human rights complaint based on religious discrimination grounds.

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