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I Prayed

have prayed

God, we pray that You would protect the rights of Christian schools everywhere to stand for biblical truth. Bring Your truth to the transgender debate, Father!

Not only is this an attacks on the traditional view of gender and sex, it is also an attack on the religious freedom of Mid Vermont Christian School. Let’s pray.

From AP News. A Vermont religious school [Mid Vermont Christian School] that withdrew its girls’ basketball team from a playoff game because a transgender student was playing on the opposing team won’t be able to participate in future tournaments, the Vermont Principals’ Association announced Monday. …

Post a prayer for your state!

The executive council of the principals’ association, which is the governing body for Vermont school sports and activities for member schools, ruled that the school had violated policies and is ineligible to participate in future tournaments that it sanctions. The move applies to all sports. …

It sent a letter to the school saying that Mid Vermont did not meet the association’s policies on race, gender and disability awareness. …

How are you praying against transgender ideology? Share your prayers and scriptures below.

(Excerpt from AP News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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