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2023 opened with a heavenly symphony of thundering tympani and crashing cymbals! Revival continues to break out across the nation, and you can hear the cheers of countless intercessors — as they watch the lies and deceptions be exposed from hidden places within some of the darkest corridors of worldly power.

Who is praying on the wall?

However, this call to intercession sometimes comes at a painful price. Among the numerous intercessors and watchmen and watchwomen on the wall, many have said that the travail in prayer has been easy compared with the stresses they have endured in their personal relationships. Indeed, how many family members and friends have pulled away from us because we hold fast to what we believe and know to be true?

When my business dried up in January 2021, I was inspired to begin writing more than ever before. SARS-COV-2; lockdowns; election abnormalities; untested vaccines; trans deception in America’s classrooms; and BLM “protests” — all beckoned me to thoughtfully examine and investigate the health of our culture. And of the Church.

When one pastor hijacked a packed prayer meeting with an “antiracist” harangue, replete with a collectivized “apology” on behalf of all those who are white, I knew the Church was in grave danger and that activism had won the inning.

From my very first post after that meeting:

Jesus spoke of three types of leaven: The leaven of the Pharisees, the leaven of Herod, and the leaven of the Kingdom. Jesus very clearly said we need to “beware” and “watch out” for the first two: the religious system and the political system. Both are systems of the world that are potentially catastrophic (think crusades and gulags).

The leaven of the Kingdom is entirely different. So different, it doesn’t come from this world. It is a heavenly system that, when rightfully applied even in the tiniest of doses, works its way through the culture and transforms every system and every person it touches.

These are extremely trying times, and my concern is that I am watching the Church, knowingly or unknowingly, open wide her doors to the political spirit in an attempt to accommodate what she sees happening in social media, the press, and politics.

As towers of lies are being rapidly erected across our cultural landscape, the Church is parroting back the political system instead of releasing the truth and power of the Kingdom into the culture. We need to reverse the flow.

As I read over what the younger me wrote, I am emboldened by the wisdom contained in this quote. Little did I know that such an expression of careful thought would result in an onslaught of insults, the loss of friends, and the hollowed silence of those afraid to admit they agree.

Rejoice and be glad because your reward is great in heaven, for they persecuted the prophets before you in the same way.

~ Jesus, completing His thought from above

I may not be a prophet, but I was certainly persecuted as a racist, labeled every flavor of “-phobe,” and defamed as the worst brand of “conspiracist” imaginable. Retributively, one friend boasted that I deserved unemployment for the thoughts I dared to write about. Imagine that.

At the time, I believed rational argument and hearty debate were still worthy pursuits to be conducted among rational, clear-thinking humans. So, I did my best to respectfully engage with the onslaught.

Alas, I learned painfully that when only one party is hungry for truth, the ensuing dialogue only cues the screeching of demons.

I have never blocked or dropped a single person, but, thankfully, social media provides ample tools that reveal those who dumped me. The list is disquieting, as each of these bruised, offended warriors once loved me because they knew I loved them.

My love hasn’t changed.

But in today’s digital simulation, the actions of a person no longer matter. The mere expression of thought is tantamount to a traumatizing, unforgivable offense that erases years of friendship, detonates deep divisions in families, and is reckoned as unbridled violence.

But what shall we say if our thoughts and prayers survive the passage of time and are proved to be true?

As I reread my early essays, I give myself style points for taking on just about every topic the machinery begs that we relegate as verboten: Kendi’s “antiracism”; DiAngelo’s “white fragility”; government censorship; the sham of “social justice”; transgenderism and pornography in our classrooms; the origin of SARS-COV-2; the dead-baby vaccine; election anomalies; feticide; rampant crime; systemic infidelity; “queer theory”; “progressive” Christianity; January 6; and the caber flip of Roe v. Wade, to name a few.

Not only do I stand behind every piece I have written, but uncountable numbers of intercessors are joyfully beholding the long-awaited answers to their prayers. The passage of time always refines and crystalizes the truth and topples the towers of lies.

Lies have a horrible shelf life.

My dear friend Eric Metaxas had his entire YouTube channel and its corresponding revenue stream wiped clean by the regime after his guest, Dr. Naomi Wolf, reported that the Pfizer vaccines were known to alter the menstrual cycles of women. And when I say women, brace yourself: I mean biological females who carry half of the Imago Dei in their reproductive eggs and XX chromosomes in every cell in their bodies, and who are factory-equipped with fallopian tubes and menses.

Thanks to the visionary work of my friend James O’Keefe, we not only have a Pfizer executive now corroborating Wolf’s research, but the FOIA-acquired Pfizer trial documents undeniably substantiate each claim. (Elon, can you please purchase YouTube next, and free all these prisoners, like Metaxas, from their cells?)

Yes, lies have a horrible shelf life.

I purposefully mention the screeching of demons because when I dared to uncover hell’s Bermuda Triangle within public education, I was met with a heightened opposition and a level of fury I have never before experienced. This is when I began to learn that those who screech loudest in defense of grooming children bear a compunction that belies their own torment.

Can you hear the muffled cries of our tender young children as they ask us who we believe they are?

To those for whom innocent children remind you of the pain and trauma of your broken childhood, the answer is a selfishly retributive, “You will suffer because I suffered.”

~ Taken from Who Do You Say I Am?

The leftist triumvirate of critical race theory (CRT), social emotional learning (SEL), and comprehensive sexual learning (CSL) has taken over our schools as swiftly as environmental social governance (ESG) has infected our banking systems. Not only have the sinister dialectics behind these catastrophic acronyms made life in America demonstrably worse, but you never even had a chance to vote for any of it.

When I posted images from the pages of the adolescent pornographic book Gender Queer, I endured a coordinated attack from CSL adherents who not only denied this book is available in sixth-grade libraries, but also alleged that I was a lying fiend for even proposing such a thing.

Today, you can find sixth-grade students and parents on YouTube reading aloud entire pages from this deviant book before their school boards, only to have their microphones cut off because the language and images are so horribly inappropriate.

The passage of time has not been good for Black Lives Matter Inc., or for the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Thanks to the release of the vaccine trial documents, the Twitter files, and the January 6 video footage, the same passage of time has been far worse for Pfizer and for our government.

“Progressive” pundits and leftist keyboard jockeys tirelessly hoist the term fascist over those who resist these ideologies:

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

~ Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

The engine room of fascism is carefully crafted public-private partnerships. Communism takes everything, but fascism gives the illusion of freedom while tightly controlling private entities. Now that we see how our government actively directs big tech, big pharma, our banking system, the press, and social media — Mussolini would be very proud.

This is pure evil and subverts the foundational formularies of this great nation. And therefore we fight.

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Bad theology, shaky eschatology, or even fear — these cause many believers to wrongly contend we should not fight against deception and corruption in our culture. The obvious weakness of that approach is that the war is raging on regardless, so to relinquish authority or to retreat only permits the enemy to advance.

For the hidden power of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is taken out of the way.

~ Paul, in the second letter to the church in Thessalonica

Without question, we are called, obligated, and equipped to restrain evil. But notice also that the power of lawlessness Paul is describing there is hidden. The battle we fight is not against friend or foe. Our battle is in the hidden realms, against the spiritual forces of evil in the unseen places. And this brand of warfare requires spiritual weapons, including truth, light, and love.

With revival breaking out across our land and the darkest corners of hell on earth being exposed — Arise and shine for your Light has come! Intercessors, you have endured the dry and dusty season, so now enjoy heaven’s downpour. Let’s raise a glass to the King! Here’s to a pivotal 2023.

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Keith Guinta writes at He is a husband, father, small-business owner, and worship leader. He has been a church planter, a pastor, a mountaineer, a stand-up comic, and an Ironman athlete and coach. Having led mission trips to Rwanda, Uganda, and India, Keith now focuses on his work rescuing girls from the sex trade in the Philippines with www, Photo Credit: Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash.

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