Morning Rundown: 40 Gang Members Crash Revival with Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo (Charisma news archives)

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40 Gang Members Crash Revival with Mario Murillo

A palpable presence of God covered Mario Murillo’s, Bakersfield tent revival as gang members poured in from the streets riddled with fentanyl overdoses. As soon as their feet hit the tent grounds they knew they were walking through in desperate need of one thing, Jesus.

In a Charisma News interview, Murillo describes an unprecedented unity among the local churches as the national yearning for God continues to grow in the country.

Bakersfield is located right off the Kern River, just north of Los Angeles, California. “There is no doubt the laws of science are being overruled,” Murillo says. Life-long physical body injuries are being healed along with emotional trauma.

Demons Manifest, Deliverance Arrives at Locke’s Movie Premier

Throughout the Gospels there are firsthand accounts of Jesus casting out demons and taking authority over them.

Following in His footsteps, the disciples continued this practice of delivering the afflicted from spiritual torment that had physical manifestations.

So why have so many modern-day Christians abandoned the practice of deliverance ministry?

Perry Stone: America and the Dragon with 7 Heads

March CM CoverThe book of Revelation describes a fiery red dragon with seven heads and 10 horns whose tail sweeps a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to earth. The pictures describes Satan who was hurled from heaven to earth with some of the angels who had been fighting with him.

Evangelist Perry Stone sat down with Charisma magazine to talk about the seven headed dragon, which he says is actually translated into a seven headed serpent, and it’s influence on American culture as we know today.

Throughout the Bible the serpent represents Satan all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout biblical times, Satan had six major empires and every one of those empires affected either the Jewish people, the temple, Israel or a combination of all of them.

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