Enterprise Church Breaks Away From United Methodist Church to Form Independent Congregation

Another church has decided to part ways with the United Methodist Church denomination as the continued conflicts within the denomination intensifies. But the church gave no information on why they were leaving this time. Over the weekend, a church in the Wiregrass region decided to disassociate itself from the United Methodist Church and the Alabama West Florida Conference.

The First United Methodist Church located in downtown Enterprise had 207 members vote in favor of disaffiliation, while 68 members voted to remain with the conference. Representatives from the United Methodist Church have confirmed this information.

Enterprise Chruch Leaves UMC But Left No Reason for Leaving

The First United Methodist Church has decided to leave the United Methodist Church and its Alabama West Florida Conference. According to WDHN, the church did not provide specific reasons for its decision, but it is not the first in the area to do so. Harvest Church in Dothan also chose to disaffiliate with an overwhelming 99% vote in January. Covenant United Methodist in Dothan voted to leave earlier this month, with 87.5% of its members choosing to depart. According to UMC officials, a church requires a total vote of 68% to leave the denomination.

Numerous religious establishments have recently cut ties with the United Methodist Church and its Alabama West Florida Conference, purportedly due to prohibitions imposed by said denomination against holy matrimony between individuals of the same sex and ordainment of LGBTQ clergymen who openly embrace their sexual identity.

However, none of the churches in the Wiregrass area have given that as their reason for leaving. On May 7, 2023, there will be an annual Zoom meeting between the UMC and its Alabama West Florida Conference, where the voting members of the conference will decide whether or not to ratify the decision of the churches leaving.

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Other Recent Disaffiliations from the UMC

Central United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has resolved its separation into three factions. According to the story here in Christianity Daily, although it will remain affiliated with the United Methodist denomination, the current leadership is establishing Christ Church as a new congregation.

The senior pastor and other pastoral team members are leaving Central to head up this new church entity which received $500,000 from Central for establishment purposes. Genesis Church – originally established by the satellite Campus at Central- becomes an independent non-denominational institution that can maintain its property possession on campus premises. Wesley Ministry group remains part of the center’s larger structure.

According to 4029 News, simultaneously, the University Of Arkansas’ Wesley Campus ministry continues essential roles towards sustaining future initiatives under centralized activities overall. Genesis gains ownership through purchasing power over their buildings ($1). Discord resulting from divergent views among various congregations about homosexuality played a key role in leading to these developments among all parties involved.

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