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(LifeSiteNews) — A top-notch, fair-trade coffee company that funds life-saving ultrasounds has taken off, with customers singing its high praises.

Seven Weeks Coffee, named for the point from conception at which a baby’s heartbeat is clearly detectable, has raised $75,000 for pro-life pregnancy centers in a little over a year, funding those who struggle to pay for equipment, rent, and staff, and especially funding ultrasounds, which can be a decisive factor in inspiring women to choose life.

To its customers’ delight, the coffee not only funds life-saving work with 10% of its proceeds but is outstandingly delicious. Every one of its roast varieties boasts five-star reviews, with more than several customers raving that the coffee is the best they’ve ever had.

The company’s supplier, Genesis Coffee Lab, uses Ethiopian High Mountain Coffee from an award-winning region where the cooler climate allows a denser seed with a more complex flavor profile. The beans are organically farmed, pesticide and mold-free, and ultra-low acid.

Conservative author Eric Metaxas has praised the coffee as a pro-life alternative to Starbucks, which funds abortions through its donations to Planned Parenthood, and covers the travel expenses of employees’ abortions.

By contrast, Seven Weeks Coffee proceeds are funding what founder Anton Krecic calls the “hands and feet of the pro-life movement”: pregnancy centers that are “saving lives every single day.” Krecic pointed out that they are more in need of assistance than ever before, with over 100 centers in the U.S. having been attacked since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Mosaic Virginia, one of the pregnancy centers funded by Seven Weeks Coffee, shared that they use the donations to provide “no-cost medical services, peer counseling, and material resources” to mothers, a typical example of the kind of services funded by the coffee “tithe.” In addition, Choices Clinical of Laurel has shared how the coffee company’s funding has paid for at least four ultrasound visits.

Krecic seeks to uplift coffee industry workers as well as pregnant mothers and their children. Seven Weeks Coffee goes a step above fair-trade coffee by employing a direct-trade relationship, which means their coffee supplier “has a personal family relationship with the owners of the coffee washing station.”

“It’s new to the coffee industry. We don’t go through a middleman essentially. There’s no one between us and the coffee managers and exporters … and that’s where that transparency comes in. It’s clear that the farmers who bring their crop to market through our direct trade get paid legitimate wages; no one is undercut,” Krecic told LifeSiteNews soon after the company’s founding.

In fact, the company supplier’s coffee farmers are paid three times the amount that fair trade requires, according to Krecic. 

The company’s founder is calling on pro-life coffee-lovers to give his roasts a try. Seven Weeks Coffee now offers light, medium, and dark roasts, in addition to espresso, decaf, and blend options.

“What we are fighting for is foundational to society. We want to protect mothers, foster healthy families, and promote a culture of life that ensures human rights begin in the womb,” Krecic said.

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