Is Your Donation Being Censored? — USPS Marking Donations ‘Undeliverable’ – Intercessors for America

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We recently received a call from a donor — and IFA board member — who was wondering if we had changed addresses. The U.S. Postal Service returned to him a donation he had mailed, but the envelope now bore a USPS-marked notification that IFA had moved without leaving any forwarding address.

Our board member was confused because he knew we had not moved!

I alert you to this occurrence because IFA’s donations over the past three months are down by a noticeable amount.

This potential (and illegal!) mail-tampering is no new tactic.

A good friend of ours who is active in the pro-life ministry was nearly put out of business by a U.S. postal worker who had researched what the organization did, intercepted its mail, and then marked it “undeliverable.”

That postal worker was a stealth, woke warrior for the powers of death.

We at IFA know that what we do does not escape the notice of our enemies — both seen and unseen.

Here is my request: Would you pray for the provision of IFA, and enter your prayer in the comments, so that we might pray in agreement with you?

Also, will you please pray for God’s protection of IFA, and for the many families that rely on the generosity of IFA’s donors?

Please use the comments section below to post a prayer. Thank you for encouraging the staff of IFA.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.)

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