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(LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian school board in Ontario announced it will hold a career fair that excludes white people who do not fit the “for Indigenous, Black and Racialized Individuals” category.

According to the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB), the career fair for non-whites only, which will be held March 29, is needed because “Our diverse student body needs and deserves to have role models who understand their lived experiences.”

In a press release about the career fair, the WRDSB stated that Ontario’s Ministry of Education has “identified a significant gap that exists not only in the Waterloo Region but across Ontario.”

“In response, the ministry has directed boards to encourage diversity in the teaching workforce, as it should be reflective of the diversity in the province,” the WRDSB claimed.

According to the WRDSB, “when students see themselves reflected in the education system, they perform better.”

The WRDSB claimed that hiring more non-whites is “not only beneficial for Indigenous, Black and racialized students but for all students who can benefit from a diverse and inclusive learning environment.”

The career fair will be hiring for a variety of positions, including janitorial, teaching, and administrative ones.

The WRDSB was quickly blasted on Twitter after it announced the non-white career fair.

Twitter user Jamie Mask blasted the WRDSB’s career fair as promoting segregation.

“How will you be sorting humans at the door to allow entry? Colour pallettes, facial measurements, eye colour, DNA,” Mask wrote.

“Your diverse student body needs and deserves to have role models who don’t practice politics of divisiveness and segregation.”

Jonathan Kay, who serves as Quillette associate editor, tweeted, “Great way for @wrdsb students to learn how to become a token hire.”

Twitter user The Rational Cat replied to the WRDSB, saying, “Doesn’t sound very diverse when you’re excluding nearly 70% of the population based on their skin colour.”

Chanel Pfahl, who is a former Ontario high school teacher, blasted the WRDSB for promoting segregation.

“So if I understand correctly, white people can’t attend, @wrdsb?” Pfahl tweeted.

In recent years, the rise of what is dubbed “cancel culture” in Canada and elsewhere has increased and has notably been pushed b left-leaning politicians, who hold many positions of power as school trustees, MPs, or MLAs.

There has also been a rise in pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) to be taught in Canadian schools, like in some parts of the United States.

Psychologist Jordan Peterson, who is a best-selling Canadian author, warned Canadian professionals in January to “wake up” to the rise of cancel culture.

“Wake up, citizens: professionals are now required to hold their tongue if they believe anything politically verboten. For all you leaning to the left — sometimes validly: these precedents will eventually be weaponized by those who stand opposed to you,” he tweeted.

Peterson is no stranger to cancel culture. He is in a battle with the Ontario College of Psychologists, who told him he must be retrained on social media or lose his license.

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