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It’s long been noted that conservatives don’t fight with the savagery of the socialist left. We may know guns, we may be pro-military, but when it comes to really getting down in the gutter, the left gets the upper hand — probably because they are willing to go so low. In this way conservatives can even be called naive. We are kids up against the German Stasi.

Waging War Against the Supreme Court

This applies to the new war being waged against the Supreme Court. As William Jacobson noted in a recent post on the website Legal Insurrection, there is “a years-long and accelerating attempt by Democrats to delegitimize the Supreme Court. You could trace the history back to the ‘Borking’ of Reagan nominee Robert Bork, but certainly to the savaging of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.” There is, Jacobson writes, “a broad activist and Democrat campaign against all the conservative Justices, including Justice Thomas and his wife, Chief Justice Roberts and his wife, and Justices Alito, Kavanaugh, and Barrett (to a lesser degree).”

Fueled by dark money, the left is sending professors to judges houses, planning bogus stories in the press, and revisiting Brett Kavanaugh’s 2018 nomination. They just had a hearing on ethics and the court, which was nothing but an attempt to delegitimize the institution.

Vigilance Against the Left

I was a part of the 2018 Kavanaugh nomination battle, and wrote book about it. The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi was released last year. Since it’s been a few years since that nightmare, I sometimes get some pushback — even from conservatives — for still taking about it. They ask, “Why are you still writing about this? Why are you still playing this one note?”

They may have a point, but in my view, vigilance for what the left will do, including reminding people of the dirty facts uncovered in my book, is better than being ambushed. Ask yourself this: if I had been a liberal who uncovered a bunch of negative stuff about Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court, would the left tell me to stop reporting on it? Would they tell me to move on? Or would they use every last bit of my research to burn the other side?

There was an attempted assassination of my friend by a left-wing nut who showed up at Justice Kavanaugh’s house. Do you honestly think the American left doesn’t condone and even encourage that? Do you seriously expect me to roll over, go back to sleep, and expect they won’t try it again? When the violence against the judges was raised at the recent hearing, no Democrats had anything critical to say.

Do you honestly trust these people?

Prepare for Ambush

As I saw the attempted destruction of Brett coming, I have also seen the new hot war against SCOTUS coming. The Devil’s Triangle details the criminal activity that went into trying to sink Brett, who as the world knows was a high school friend of mine. They used extortion, witness tampering, direct threats and even a honey trap to try and get me to lie and say that Brett had sexually assaulted a girl in high school. They accused us of drugging girls and gang rape. They will resort to the same tactics again. To not prepare for it is to bring a water pistol to an Ultimate Fighter bout. Conservatives, dazed by being knocked out, will wonder why they didn’t see the punch coming.

I do not still write about these things because I enjoy reliving that nightmare. I do so to prepare conservatives for the war the left will be waging on SCOTUS. Conservatives complain about Republicans who roll over rather than fight back, yet when someone does fight back, and provides our side with the enemy’s playbook, he is criticized for it. (I’m afraid that some on the right, like most of the left, just live to complain.)

It’s All About Power

I intentionally used the metaphor of the German Stasi in The Devil’s Triangle because that wicked communist apparatus is reflected in the modern American left. The Stasi used spies to surveil the entire population, and worked with artists and entertainers to propagandize the German citizens. The courts were nothing more than a means to advance communism. Klaus Marxen, Professor for Criminal Law at the Humboldt University, has written that the Stasi “treated law as an instrument of politics.” In 1979 Stasi officer Erich Mielke put it this way: “Power is the most important position from which to fulfill the historical mission of the working class, to establish Communist society … Socialist law is an important instrument of exercising, enhancing and consolidating power.”

To the modern Democrats, it’s also all about power. They can’t ram through their socialist agenda with a conservative court. As they proved with their use of criminal Michael Avenatti (now in prison for extortion) during the Kavanaugh hit, criminality is baked into their plan. In the 2000 obituary for Erich Mielke, The New York Times explained that “Communist rule in East Germany [was] where assassination, kidnapping, execution, denunciation and intimidation were used to achieve and maintain power under the long, menacing shadow of the Soviet Union.”

Furthermore, “Stasi informants, many of them coerced, spread suspicion and betrayal throughout society — between spouses, between schoolmates, between office colleagues — a terror that outlasted the East German state, which effectively collapsed when the Berlin Wall fell, and formally ceased to exist when Germany reunified in October 1990.” The Times concluded with this: “Mr. Mielke’s creed, expressed to subordinates in 1982 and recorded for Stasi archives, was: ‘All this twaddle about no executions and no death sentences, it’s all junk, comrades. Execute, if need be without a court sentence.’”

The American Stasi Won’t Let Up

Execute without a court sentence. This is what they attempted to do to Brett, and they will use the same tactics again. Yes, you could argue that my trauma from several years ago makes me revisit the crimes more than I should. I’ll accept that criticism as long as those making it realize that unless we are wide awake and aware of the tactics that were used in 2018 and will be again, we will get rolled.

One Amazon reviewer of The Devil’s Triangle noted that he had read other books on the Kavanaugh brawl, but found mine the most “eye-opening.” Another encouraged readers to see the truth of what the book contains: “Don’t be like people I meet, who, when they don’t agree with tonight’s newscast, opine that they will never know the truth. They are sort of right, but actually we live in a golden age of information. The news folks won’t help but today there are other options. Example Mark Judge’s latest writing about what actors did in the 2018 operation which is the focus of The Devil’s Triangle. Pay attention to what people did, not what some corporate hireling said. Certainly you can get closer to the truth about that story.”

The naiveté of conservatives reminds me of how I tried to warn my friends in the summer of 2018 that we were about to enter a war zone. I will never forget standing on my back porch and talking to a high school friend of mine just after the news had broken that Brett had been nominated. He was upbeat, reassuring me that the process might get bumpy but wouldn’t be too bad. I stood there and as calm as I could begged him to listen to me. The left is a modern Stasi, I said. They are going to start with our birth certificates and go up to last week, and every time we belched it is going to be brought up. My friend brushed me off. Then the hurricane hit.

The American Stasi aren’t letting up. Why are we?

Mark Judge is a writer and filmmaker in Washington, D.C. His new book is The Devil’s Triangle: Mark Judge vs the New American Stasi.

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