Prophetic Word: God Will Use Marriage as a Sign and a Wonder

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God wants to strengthen marriages and use them as a powerful tool to address some significant cultural and community problems.

I have this mental picture of how people see Cupid “angels” on Valentine’s day in Western culture and how stupid these images are compared to Jesus.

Jesus commands His angel armies concerning us and sends angels to war over everything that would separate us or try and destroy our unity. He has angels that help us to find one another, help us to bear families and help us to go deeper in our union with Him together.

From the very beginning, God had a fantastic plan for marriage. The kind of plan that would make even the best rom-coms look like child’s play. He created marriage as a completely unique and special bond between a man and a woman, with a purpose and blessing that no other relationship can fully experience.

Now, imagine this: God wants to use the power of strong marriages to bring healing and restoration to our communities and culture. That’s right! God’s got a plan to turn marriages into world-changing, problem-solving, love-spreading forces for good.

But we all know that marriages face their share of challenges, right? In today’s world, couples may encounter issues that can cause breakdowns and heartache. The good news is that God is sending help and protection to strengthen these marriages and restore what has been broken.

God is Raising Up Marriage to Restore and Advance Your Ministry

You might be wondering, “How exactly is God going to do this?” Well, let’s look at the story of Ruth and Boaz for a moment. Here we see how God used their marriage to restore not only their individual lives, but also to bring blessing and redemption to their entire community. They became a key part of the lineage of Jesus Christ Himself!

So, what’s the promise for today? Whether you’re struggling in your marriage or already enjoying a great one, God wants to make it even more amazing. For the broken, healing is on the way, and for the strong, get ready for an upgrade to “epic” status! As God strengthens and blesses these marriages, they’ll become shining examples of love, unity, and hope for the world around them.

God is Raising Up Marriages for Future Generations of God’s Plan

We also have the incredible story of Abraham and Sarah. This power couple had their share of ups and downs, but ultimately, their marriage played a crucial role in God’s plan. They were far from perfect, but God used their union to fulfill His promise of making Abraham the father of many nations. Their family tree was significant to the entire unfolding of God’s plan on the earth, so it wasn’t just about them, it was about generations later!

Sarah’s faith and support for her husband were essential, even when she doubted the possibility of having a child in her old age. But guess what? God had a surprise in store, and Sarah gave birth to Isaac, the son of promise. Their marriage became the foundation of the nation of Israel and, through their descendants, the lineage of Jesus Christ. Talk about a legacy!

God is Raising Up Marriages for Empowerment

Now, let’s fast forward to a New Testament love story: Priscilla and Aquila. This dynamic duo was not only an incredible team in marriage, but they also played a vital role in the early church. They hosted gatherings in their home, taught and mentored believers and even risked their lives for the apostle Paul. Can you say, “Power couple?”

Priscilla and Aquila’s partnership in marriage and ministry is a fantastic example of how God can use a married couple to further His kingdom. They were unstoppable together, and their love and dedication to Christ and each other had a lasting impact on the church.

So, what can we learn from these amazing biblical marriages? When couples choose to place God at the center of their relationship and embrace their unique calling, they can become powerful forces for good in this world. It’s like unlocking a hidden “superpower” that can bring healing, restoration and hope to our communities and culture.

Let’s remember that whether you’re going through a rough patch or celebrating a fantastic marriage, God has incredible plans for you and your spouse. He is sending power to restore, advance and release your marriage to be a living story of what His love is like as people see how you love one another. It says in 1 John 4:12-21 (NIV): “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.”

Another way to look at it is that the world doesn’t know what God looks like but when our marriages show His real love, then they can see a glimpse of what God’s love is like and they will turn to Him.

One thing is for sure, marriage is God’s idea and He wants to turn your relationship into an epic, world-changing, love-spreading kind of relationship. So, keep seeking His guidance, love and blessings, and let’s make a difference in the world, one marriage at a time!

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