Stained-Glass Windows at Grove Hill Church Damaged By An Unknown Vandal, Costs Over $30,000

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An unknown person reportedly vandalized the historic church at Granville. The offender was responsible for damaging the church’s stained-glass window that illustrates Jesus with children. 

Church’s Vandalism

According to WRAL News, deputies said vandals damaged the church over the weekend, resulting in many broken stained-glass windows and an upturned gravestone in the cemetery. In 1840, the church opened its doors, and as stated by Steven Averette, who has served as a deacon at the church for a significant amount of time, there is a little congregation there that numbers maybe around 12 persons. 

The deacon mentioned arriving at the church early on Sunday morning, Apr. 30, to prepare for the worship session. He discovered pieces of debris left over from the incident. “Rocks in the sanctuary floor, glass, like I said, was strewn all the way to the pulpit up there,” he explained. They consider the stained-glass windows to be priceless assets.

As mentioned, Jesus and some of his disciples are depicted in one of the most prominent stained-glass windows. Averette asserted that the insurance company estimated that only this window accounted for more than $30,000 worth of damage. He also said that the image of Jesus now has a hole in it due to an unknown individual hurling a rock through it. “It’s just devastating,” he added.

Moreover, on Monday, May 1, four of the church’s cameras had reportedly been taken. The Granville County Sheriff’s Office called for the community’s assistance in determining who might be accountable for the crime in a post on their Facebook page.  Anyone with information about this incident is urged to come forward and contact the Granville County Sheriff’s Office, CrimeStoppers, or Granville County 911.

Averette expressed their hope that they will receive a little help from their insurance. “If we don’t, I don’t know how we’ll recover from this,” he noted. Furthermore, the congregation focuses on healing and forgiveness as they negotiate with the insurance company. “We, as a church, have prayed for them,” the deacon stated.

As per EyeWitness News, a financial incentive is available for anyone who can provide information that leads to the identification, capture, and conviction of the individuals responsible for the crime.

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About Grove Hill Church

The goal of Grove Hill Church is to affect the life of each individual by communicating the entirety of the Gospel in every feasible way. They adhere to the doctrine that Jesus is the one who reveals the Way, the Truth, and the Life. As mentioned, everything that they are, as well as all that the congregation possesses, comes from Him, and it all comes together to fulfill His purpose for the community. 

As a synopsis and declaration of their beliefs, the congregation has decided to adhere to The Baptist Faith and Message 2000. According to SBC, this message means Baptists value and uphold the principle of religious liberty. They reject the notion that any political or religious authority can compel a congregation or group of churches to subscribe to a particular declaration of faith. 

Also, they respect the doctrines of soul competency and the ordained ministry of adherents, asserting their freedom in Christ and responsibility to each other jointly according to the Word of God.

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