Living Under the Shadow of Rocket Terror

JERUSALEM, Israel – Since the first barrage on Tuesday, the Iranian-backed group Palestinian Jihad has fired nearly 1,000 rockets into southern Israel, reaching as far away as Tel Aviv, and even to the suburbs of Jerusalem.

These rocket barrages have sent millions of Israelis rushing for shelter on roadsides, on the beaches, or in apartment buildings. One of those Israelis, Arsen Ostrovsky, described to CBN News what this ordeal has been like for him and for his family.

Ostrovsky is also the CEO of the International Legal Forum. He explains why he believes there is no moral equivalency between Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the State of Israel.

To watch the interview with Ostrovsky, click on the video above. Note: it may take some time for the video to upload, but it will be coming.

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