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(LifeSiteNews) – The conjoined twins of Catholic mother Nicole LeBlanc were born, baptized, and confirmed before they died on Tuesday. They were named Maria Therese and Rachel Claire.

A native of Detroit, LeBlanc appeared on The John-Henry Westen show in March to discuss her “1 in 100,000 pregnancy,” which she documented on Twitter after learning her babies shared not only one heart, but a set of lungs and other vital organs.

“It’s been a very emotional ride,” she told LifeSite at the time.

LeBlanc, 23, resisted pressure from medical professionals to abort her daughters.

“My husband [Austin] and I firmly said, ‘Absolutely not.’ This is just so impossible to even think about. It’s brutal and it’s the murder of my own children. Why would I do that?”

“When the doctors were telling me about their diagnosis, they were saying, ‘You’re going to miscarry. And if you don’t miscarry, the other option should be for you to terminate, because they’re not expected to live long at all.’”

The Catholic Church teaches that baptized babies go straight to heaven.

LeBlanc and her siblings, Mia and Dani, have come to be known as the “Duque sisters” on Twitter. Attendees of the Traditional Latin Mass, the bubbly trio regularly comment about the crisis in the Church but also about femininity and the lighter side of the faith. They lost their father, Gonzalo Duque, to cancer in 2014. Nicole eventually took over his business, Duque Hoodliner Productions, which sells car accessories.

The couple is currently accepting donations to cover funeral costs. Click here to help.

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