Satanic Ritual Attack? Exorcist, Cops Called After Decapitated Animals Dumped Outside Pro-Life Clinic

The leader of a crisis pregnancy center in Orlando, Florida, believes his clinic was the victim of a potential Satanic ritual attack last Wednesday after his staff discovered three decapitated animals — including a small lamb — on the property.

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Bob Perron, executive director of JMJ Pregnancy Center, told CBN’s Faithwire the animal carcasses were purportedly dumped in front of the clinic sometime during the day Wednesday.

“I would call it some kind of ritualistic attack,” Perron said, noting he was stunned when a staff member saw the animals. “My first reaction was like, ‘Quit messing around. What are you talking about?’”

But when he went outside and saw the remains, he said it was “hard to even make it make sense,” as he saw a chicken, a baby lamb, and another bird — all decapitated.

“We realized right away … this was not normal,” Perron said. “This was obviously intentional.”

It was the lamb, in particular, that made him uncomfortable.

“We are a Catholic-Christian Pregnancy Center. I’ll tell you, when I saw that lamb, the first thing I thought was, ‘Oh my gosh — lamb of God,’” he said. “And obviously…that was very intentional and purposeful.”

Watch Perron explain:

Perron was careful to note he doesn’t have proof this was a Satanic ritual event, though the sheriff’s office reportedly suggested this as a potential. And the presence of a lamb certainly added fuel to speculation.

“All I know is three dead animals showed up on our property,” he said.

Worrying the animal dumping was ritualistic and antagonistic, Perron and his staff called the Orlando police and reached out to the FBI, but hadn’t heard anything from the latter as of late last week.

Animal control officials also purportedly didn’t show up until Friday, leaving the animals sitting in front of the clinic for two days. The stench was so pungent, Perron said, the clinic was shut down Friday to spare patients and staff the negative experience.

The clinic head said he’s unsure how police are investigating the incident or whether they understand the full gravity of the situation. Yet, in the post-Roe era — when pro-life clinic attacks have been ramping up across the U.S. — the incident is certainly jarring.

Perron said he also contacted the local Catholic diocese to perform a blessing at the location.

Ultimately, he said he would tell those responsible for the animal attack to understand JMJ Pregnancy Center is a clinic that provides medical care to women.

“We are here to serve and help women,” Perron said. “We’re a faith-based organization that believes in what we do and believe in these moms — that they can have a better life and that their babies deserve a better life.”

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