Comedian Roseanne Barr condemns abortion as ‘barbaric,’ recounts choosing life as a pregnant teen – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — American actress and comedian Roseanne Barr recently condemned abortion as “barbaric,” revealing her choice for life after becoming pregnant at eighteen.

During a May 17 episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Barr recounted her decision to choose life when she became pregnant at eighteen and decided to give her daughter up for adoption rather than abort her. 

“It really makes me mad when they say women have the right to choose and then the choice, they’re talking about is that something so barbaric,” Barr told show host Megyn Kelly. 

Kelly asked Barr if she had considered abortion when she discovered her pregnancy, but Barr responded, “That’s not for me. I have five kids, and I’m grateful I had them all.”

While she acknowledged that giving her daughter up and facing an unknown future was immensely difficult, Barr declared that choosing abortion was “not for me.” 

“A lot of young girls 18 years old would have made a different decision, (…) would have chosen an abortion instead of to carry the baby to term and give it up which you know is going to be emotionally tough for you.” 

Even though Barr determined to give her daughter up for adoption, she still wanted to be a part of her life when she grew up. According to Barr, when her daughter was born, one of her ears was misshapen like her maternal grandmother‘s

“I thought, ‘Oh God made her ear like that so I’ll be able to find her,’” Barr said. “I got to keep her for two days and I told her I’ll see you again when you’re 18.” 

Barr chose to keep her television name “Roseanne Barr” since that was the name on her daughter’s birth certificate, and she hoped it would help her daughter to find her when she was older.  

“I always trusted in my life. I’ve always trusted God and I knew that I got that feeling that I would see her and that I felt that feeling was from my prayers being answered my whole life,” she said.  

When Barr and her daughter were reunited seventeen years later, she felt like, “We just knew each other for all those years.” 

Speaking of her daughter, Barr shared, “She turned 52 yesterday and I’m very proud of her; she’s a wonderful woman. She has a wonderful son, Ari Rubin, who I’m very proud of.”

“He won the state championship in chess in Colorado,” she added. “He’s only 16, but he won the state championship in chess. That’s how smart he is.” 


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