The Perfect Solution to Today’s Education Crisis


If you’re a Christian parent tired of today’s “woke” culture in our public schools, and if you don’t have the bandwith to homeschool your children yourself, then Covenant Journey Academy may be the perfect choice for your family.

With nearly 150,000 homeschoolers in Florida alone and 4.3 million homeschool students throughout the country, Covenant Journey Academy is on a mission to offer families a biblically integrated alternative to an on-campus classroom. CJA is a full-service K-12 online Christian Academy available to anyone around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

It offers more than 150 courses, all taught by certified teachers.

The popularity of homeschool and private Christian schools has increased substantially since the COVID lockdowns began in 2020, and for several reasons, including the enhanced teaching and indoctrination of “wokeism” ideals in public schools such as transgenderism and critical race theory, a pair of subjects that not only subject children to the lies of the culture but protects them from the division they create.

CJA says it provides resources on a wide range of issues designed to equip parents to “raise courageous children grounded in a biblical worldview.”

Homeschooling obviously provides a safer environment for children as well. The pandemic may well have been a moment in time where God turned something that the enemy meant for evil into something for His good.

“We’re in a once-in-a-generation moment in education,” says Shawn Akers, President and CEO of CJA. “The COVID-19 lockdowns gave parents a peak behind the curtain of the broken government education system, and parents are not standing for it.

“They’re not woke, they’re awake, and Covenant Journey Academy is providing the solutions they need to take back control of their children’s education—affordable, flexible, high-quality online education that’s leveling the playing field and setting their children up for success in school and in life.

“During the pandemic, many parents, witnessed noticeable improvement in the behavior and attitude of their children when they were no longer subjected to bullying, undue peer pressure or indoctrination that undermined their values and beliefs,” CJA officials said.

Additionally, homeschool students have excelled on standardized tests and research has also indicated a statistically significant different in the social, psychological and emotional development between homeschool students and traditional students, with homeschool students outperforming in each area.

With support from CJA’s team of certified teachers and devoted staff, parents can be confident that they will have the tools they need to help their children academically, spiritually and emotionally.

The leadership team has extensive experience in in K-12, post-secondary, graduate and doctoral education, including development, implementation and management of some of the nation’s largest online education programs.

CJA’s programs will give students the ability to apply God’s truth to “make sense of the intense and oftentimes confusing cultural issues facing the world today.

Founder and Chancellor Mat Staver says of CJA: “Covenant Journey Academy is proud to be a part of the solution of the education crisis. We’re bringing high-quality, private school education into homes and private schools around the world. Life is a journey and the success or failure along the way depends on the choices we make and the roads we choose to travel.

“Now, more than eve, we need courageous generations of highly skilled people thoroughly grounded in a Christian worldview to transform the culture. Our destiny depends on the decisions we make today.”

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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