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Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series diving into Elon Musk’s decision to hire World Economic Forum executive Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter. Click here to read Part 1 first.

(LifeSiteNews) — As we now all know, Elon Musk has appointed a globalist propaganda chief, Linda Yaccarino, as the new CEO of Twitter. How will the fox care for the little blue chicken? Let us count the ways.

Mind reading

Making decisions about who to trust should not rely on mind reading. I am an Elon Agnostic. I do not know what he has in mind. His sincerity is dubious, given his attachment to big government. 

His numerous subsidies from the military-industrial complex partner with his reliance on carbon credit trades, to support a slew of businesses with vast paper – but no practical – profits. Tesla itself has been reasonably described as a ponzi scheme.”

Without billions in taxpayer subsidies and billions more in carbon credit sales, Tesla has never and will likely never make a profit. And yet it continues to operate.

Musk has strong form in the profitable manipulation of confidence. Though we cannot know whether he is a champion for free speech – whatever that means to him – we can say with some confidence of our own that he is not our savior. He has his own agenda, and it is one coextensive with the history of any corporation – power.

What we do know is what his new CEO has in mind for us.

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The argument from Lego

The best thing to be said about people like Linda Yaccarino is that they have no principles. They present themselves as products, when in fact they are components. Musk could have picked another Lego-headed female executive from the shelf. Why this one?

Perhaps her fungibility is the attraction. Musk has chosen a corporate component to fix the finances of the free speech forum. This is one argument to defend Musk from his own decision. They are all the same, these propagandists – so why care? Someone has to steady the ship or it will sink.

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UPDATE (04/22/23): Twitter has inexplicably removed its ‘government-funded media’ label from Canada’s CBC and NPR, with neither using their accounts despite Elon Musk seeming to backtrack on his decision to promote transparency around their funding.

That means, after what appeared to be a victory, our campaign is far from over.

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UPDATE (04/18/2023): 
 The CBC — Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — is reeling after Elon Musk finally applied the ‘Government-funded Media’ label to its Twitter page on Sunday in a welcome victory for people like you who used to call for this transparency.

The CBC, which receives about $1.24 billion in public funding every year, lashed out at the move yesterday, announcing it would ‘pause’ its use of Twitter and insisting that the government provides less than 70% of its funding.

Elon Musk has wryly inserted “69%” beside the “Government-funded Media” Twitter label in response.

The broadcaster denys that the Canadian government wields any influence over its editorial decisions, but this claim may have been undermined by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s remarkably swift and public defense of the CBC in the wake of Twitter’s decision.

Trudeau claimed yesterday that the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre was trying to “attack a foundational Canadian institution” when, like you, he petitioned Elon Musk to label the CBC appropriately.

The Prime Minister appeared inconsolable yesterday, which speaks volumes for how useful the CBC was and is to his office.

Thank you for taking part in this LifePetition to Elon Musk – this victory shows once again that people-power matters.


Elon Musk is taking unprecedented steps for free-speech advocates by exposing state-sponsored media for their lies and agendas — including the BBC and NPR.  

The time is NOW while the trend is hot to ask that Elon Musk also label Canada’s CBC for what it is: state-sponsored media and a propaganda machine of the radical left. 

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre this week informed Musk that the public broadcaster receives the “vast majority of its funding” from the federal government.

CBC/Radio Canada received a whopping $1.24 billion in government funding in 2021-2022.

Now that Elon Musk is taking massive swings at the leftist mainstream media outlets like BBC and NPR it is time for Canadians to remind him of what’s happening up here.

In fact, Musk just DESTROYED a BBC reporter live on air in a widely televised “Twitter Spaces” interview.  


War has been waged by Elon Musk against the mainstream media — we cannot let Canada’s biggest propaganda machine operate unnoticed! 

Look at just some of the headlines in these agenda pieces proudly published by the CBC: 

CLIMATE ALARMISM: “Researchers need help to determine which birds are most at risk from climate change.” 

PRO LGBT AGENDA: “These kids’ books depicting ‘joyful, queer stories’ are being censored in Hungary and Russia.” 

PRO TRANSGENDER AGENDA: “Two-spirit, trans, non-binary, gender diverse people face ‘exceptional barriers to overcome’: Manitoba artist” 

ANTI-FREEDOM: “Conservative opposition to mandatory vaccinations is ‘irresponsible’ and ‘dangerous,’ says Trudeau.” 

PRO EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE: “Here’s a science-backed approach to timing your next dose.”  


Now is the time to act — tell Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, to EXPOSE the CBC for the pro-Trudeau agenda-carrying propaganda machine that it is.  


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The fine example of BlackRock

The problem with this is that the 60-year-old Yaccarino does believe in something. That something is not innocent, and cannot be excused.

It is the belief in promoting the collapse of civilization. Whether she understands this or not, the work of people like Yaccarino is aimed at ensuring that none of us will live in a functioning democracy. Consider her commitment to promoting insanity in the workplace.

When asked about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, Yaccarino cites the CEO of BlackRock and says:

[Companies have] a responsibility to impact culture for the good. And the bottom line is, when you have those priorities and values as a company, it’s good for business.

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This is the Larry Fink who says BlackRock is engaged in “forcing behaviours” – towards Net Zero policies and corporate wokeism. As Scott Shepard said in RealClearMarkets:

In fact, the other main area in which [BlackRock] has been “forcing behaviors” on companies has been equity-based discrimination.

That is to say, it has been actively pushing companies away from merit-based hiring and promotion … in favor of hiring and promotion based on the irrelevant (and illegal) surface characteristics such as race, sex and orientation.

Readers will remember that BlackRock itself admitted these policies are destabilizing the West and accelerating economic decline in their own 2023 Global Outlook. 

Yaccarino is keen to “help develop Twitter into a place where [advertisers] will be excited about investing” – or impacting the culture of Twitter – in “product development, ad safety, and content moderation.”

This is the woman who told you to “mask up – or pack up”. Censorship is not the work of moderates, as we all remember from lockdown. It is the business of fanatics who fear free speech.

Well I suppose we could give her a chance. Watch the video again in which she calls BlackRock a great example of diversity. She thinks Larry Fink is a great leader, and that the implementation of DEI policies is a “call to purpose” for all major corporations to “impact reality” in this way.

As a side note, she looks deranged. Yet we have been trained not to notice obvious facts about reality – by people like Yaccarino.

Progress and propaganda

A pro-mask author of a campaign pushing the so-called “vaccines,” Yaccarino is clearly an experienced propagandist. Advertising and propaganda are the same thing, with “public relations” or simply “comms” an attempt to launder the reputation of the making of belief.

Yaccarino is a television advertising executive. She partners product with profit. Yet this is not all. She is a champion of DEI. These policies are reality-critical theory in practice, which amount to the privileging of damage. No organization has ever been improved by infection with this madness. Along with Net Zero madness, they are the most effective means of destroying every resilient institution. The wholesale destruction of the defense mechanisms of democracy is advertised as progress – in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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DEI propaganda is the branding of subversion as liberation. It seeks to deliberately undermine every institution of note, public and private. Yaccarino is an enthusiast for this type of “progress” – which advances the controlled demolition of our once free world.

The propaganda we see from people like Yaccarino is not merely to sell products. It is an attempt to remake reality. The progress it celebrates is the destruction of of an entire culture, and the deliberate undermining of any institution which could prevent the replacement of liberty with its opposite.

For more on this, I have written a series explaining propaganda which you can read here.

Professional Woman

“Professional Women” like Yaccarino are very excited about women. Women being at work, of course, and not raising families. That kind of woman is not exciting. Work is success, home is failure. There are no CEO photo ops to be had there. Meanwhile, the West is literally dying out due to the kind of anti-natalist agendas Yaccarino is happy to support.

Thanks to Yaccarino’s Big Pharma friends, many women don’t have to make time for having kids anyway.

Linda Yaccarino grew up in a “very traditional Italian Catholic family” (Financial Times).

The likelihood of raising a family after having taken Pfizer’s mRNA abortifacient injection is much lower. Alongside their “100% safe and effective” injections which no one needed, Pfizer led the pharmaceutical industry in a charge to promote their baby-killing abortion pills.

This is not a problem to smiling, Professional Women – because all that matters is that they are At Work. This work is made possible by feminism, whose pinnacle is the visceral defense of the right to murder your own offspring, and those of men dressed as sexual parodies of yourself. 

What work they do, and for whom, is telling. Here is Yaccarino cheerleading the World Economic Forum in 2018. Why is this marvelous? It was “entirely chaired by women.”

Here is an ad she helped to make promoting a staple favorite of Professional Women – the right of the rainbow people to be alone with your children.

Women like Yaccarino are empty. Her social media is full of emptiness – fashion shows, selfies, and glitz. To the Yaccarinos of the world, crazy causes are photo opportunities to showcase themselves. Every virtue signaled is the pouring of the self into a vessel for attention.

Look at me, says the formless one, look at me here and look at me there. Look closer and there is nothing but glamour.

Causing crazes

Which groups voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Hillary’s own crazy causes – such as the pro-abortion platform and the grievance industry – were very popular with black women (90%) and childless, college-educated white women.

This demonstrates not a sexual or racial difference, but the success of progressive propaganda. It casts these groups as victims, and provokes them into a rage. They then march off to take vengeance on civilization.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor the likes of Linda Yaccarino genuinely care for any of this. No one really does. Everyone is in it for themselves. Adopting these causes is a power move, personally and politically. They are applause magnets for the meritless.

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Yaccarino has worked to promote the solidarity of grievance, that weird and antagonistic coalition of anti-natalist identity factions.

How do you make grievance appealing? You make everything about yourself. Naturally this leads to conflict with a reality that may decline to revolve around you. The result is the recasting of life – at home, at work, and crucially in your head as a perpetual struggle. It is the personification of the permanent war. The point of your life is to change the regime of reality.

The propagandist of privilege

Producing propaganda for the so-called “oppressed” is a means of radicalizing people – and controlling them. What is more, it undermines the structures of democratic states. As former board chair of the Ad Council, Yaccarino was involved in the production of identitarian propaganda.

Ad Council-supported campaign, “Love Has No Labels.” Note the use of the elderly to illustrate “love has no age.”

The Ad Council’s “storytellers” weave a fantasy narrative of oppression which recruits people into a real one. Race, gender, psychosexual identity, and corporate feminism are all examples of the process by which your sense of self is manufactured and sold back to you as the ultimate truth. If you are seeking cause, you can heroize your attention seeking in any or all of the above.

“Act as an ally toward women”: Ad Council-backed campaign

An industry grows up around these grievances – a multi-billion dollar one in terms of “diversity and inclusion” alone – which exists to promote people into positions of power and influence for which their only qualification is some superficial characteristic. It is corruption by the deliberate exclusion of competence.

The collective result of identity politics is to terminally degrade the function of institutions. Grievance activism is a means of handing power to people you have driven mad with dark fairy tales of their own oppression.

For example, the model of liberation offered by Professional Women to women is a childless, career-centered life as perpetual photoshoot. It is a narcissistic dream which liberates women from womanhood, valorizing their reinvention as components in a vast and glittering machine.

These are the useful idiots of technocratic corporate power. They will be discarded when they have served their purpose. The wider context is the demolition of any institution capable of withstanding a complete and permanent takeover.

The power of propaganda

This is the power of propaganda – to sell you poison as a panacea. Yaccarino’s “progressive” propaganda turns ordinary people into resentful wrecking balls. They are primed and then promoted into positions of influence, where they detonate. This is branded as empowerment, the democratization of freedom.

The freedom to wreck your own life, to die alone with no children and no husband or wife. To imagine every human interaction as a battle. Anyone who has ever had to listen to a vegan knows how exasperating this is.

Grievance propaganda is a program of mobilization – of the self against the structures of society. It radicalizes the isolated into single cells of sabotage.

When democracy is finally defunct, businesses bankrupted, and professions deskilled by wokeism, the tokens employed by corporate authoritarians to destroy these institutions will be worthless.

The “woke” platform is a series of fantasies projected into power. This is the same model as that presented for Net Zero economies. It is an ideology of personal fantasy which will lead to ruin.

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The ideology of fantasy has a dual purpose.

Firstly, it presents the ridiculous as real, and the real as ridiculous. This means that those who notice reality are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists, whilst those who base their reality on ridiculous fantasies are the most rational. 

Secondly, it is forbidden to point out it is a fantasy at all, and one whose implementation will result in collapse. 

To point out that “equity-based discrimination” will destroy everything it touches is to utter a taboo. The most urgent warnings from reality are prohibited as paranoid hate speech.

Progressive corporate propaganda is aimed at the subversion of society. Corporations, like all bureaucracies, act in their own interest – to preserve and expand their own power. 

Why would corporations like BlackRock, Vanguard, and the major banks promote policies which harm their profits today? It is because tomorrow there will be nothing left to stop them.

No more heroes?

Elon Musk’s promotion of a propagandist to lead a free speech platform sounds like a joke, with the punchline aimed at the human face. Taken in the broader sweep of the post-human agenda, it suggests that free speech itself is about to get a sponsor-friendly makeover.

Musk himself said this about the new CEO’s effect on free speech:

The commitment to open source transparency and accepting a wide range of viewpoints remains unchanged.

“Therefore” is a clever word, meaning Musk is right that law is the guarantee of free speech. Or something.

There is no one coming to save you from this. Don’t panic. The times we inhabit are unstable, but the institutions can be restored. The restoration of reality to politics, culture to everyday life relies on you – and your ability to judge the sincerity of anyone claiming to help you.

I may be wrong, or partly right. Perhaps Yaccarino is here to build what Matt Taibbi called a “third pole” of media, around the only major “free speech” platform in the West. Time will tell, says Taibbi, and I do not think we will have long to wait.

Regardless of the outcome, reality has no “trusted sources.” It has no appointed editor. These roles await your application. Sharpen your wits, because they belong to you. So does the world you inherited. The only plan I would trust is that of God Himself, the one true Savior of us all.

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