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GENEVA, Switzerland (LifeSiteNews) — The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently holding its 76th World Health Assembly from May 21 to 30 in Geneva, Switzerland.  

During this meeting, delegates from all 194 member states will discuss, among other things, the controversial planned amendments to the International Health Regulations and the so-called “pandemic treaty.” These guidelines could strip nations of their sovereignty and give the WHO near total control in the case of a pandemic. 

The current timeline 

The amendments and the pandemic treaty will be finalized and put to a vote in one year from now, at the 77th World Health Assembly in 2024, according to the WHO’s timeline.  

The IHR amendments will need a simple majority to pass. If the amendments pass as expected, member states will have a 10-month time window to reject the amendments. The new regulations will then take effect in May 2025.  

The pandemic treaty is going to need a two-thirds majority of the member states’ delegates to pass. If accepted, the treaty “will be adopted under Article 19 of the WHO Constitution – an article that allows the WHO to impose legally binding conventions on the WHO’s 194 member states.” 

“Unlike the law-making process in most democratic nations, where elected officials implement national law, this WHO process allows a small number of global representatives, often unelected diplomats, to impose international laws on all of the WHO’s member states,” Tom Parker from Reclaim The Net wrote about the WHO’s legislative process.  

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Dr. Joseph Mercola summarized the IHR amendments as they are currently drafted. The amendments would: 

  • “Expand the definitions of pandemics and health emergencies. Specifically, it introduces ‘potential for harm’ rather than actual harm. So, the WHO can mandate lockdowns or medical interventions based on the mere suspicion that a virus might cause public harm. 
  • Change the recommendations of the IHR from nonbinding to mandatory, so member states must follow and implement the WHO’s recommendations. 
  • Solidify the director-general’s ability to independently and single-handedly declare health emergencies. 
  • Set up an extensive surveillance apparatus in all member states. 
  • Enable the WHO to share country data without consent. 
  • Give the WHO control over certain resources within member countries, including intellectual property rights. 
  • Force national support for censorship activities directed by the WHO. 
  • Change existing IHR provisions that affect individuals from nonbinding to binding, including provisions relating to border closures, travel restrictions, quarantines, medical examinations and the medication and vaccination of individuals.”

According to Mercola’s summary the pandemic treaty, as it is currently drafted, would: 

  • “Set up an international supply network overseen by the WHO. 
  • Fund the WHO’s health emergency structures and processes by requiring at least 5 percent of national health budgets to be dedicated to health emergencies. 
  • Set up a governing body under the auspice of the WHO to oversee the entire health emergency process. 
  • Expand scope of the WHO’s power by emphasizing the ‘One Health’ agenda, which recognizes that a very broad range of aspects of life and the environment can impact health and therefore fall under the ‘potential’ to cause harm. This is how the WHO will be able to declare climate change as a health emergency and subsequently require climate lockdowns, for example.” 

Alongside these legal regulations, the WHO has taken additional steps to establish a potential global health dictatorship. In February 2022, the WHO commissioned T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, to develop global digital vaccine passports. 

“In a nutshell, the WHO is being installed as a de facto governing body for the global Deep State,” Mercola stated 


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